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Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr. Announces Closure of SCULPT Surgical Facility

— October 17, 2017

Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr. Announces Closure of SCULPT Surgical Facility

Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr., the subject of lawsuits filed by fifteen female patients in Nebraska claiming medical malpractice, has closed the doors of has cosmetic surgery facility.  Although Stanley Jr. himself did not comment on the closure, his father, Gerard Stanley Sr., confirmed the physician sent an email to his patients, friends, and family ahead of time indicating his plans to shut down SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics.

In the note, Dr. Stanley Jr. wrote he would remain in the community in case his patients needed anything.  They have his cell number and are welcome to call anytime.  Stanley stated further that any prepaid gift cards would be honored at his father’s facility and that his clinic has refunded prepaid fees on every surgical reservation on file.

The fifteen women involved in litigation against Stanley Jr. and the facility reported suffering from disfigurement, pain, and scarring following their surgeries. These surgeries were elective and included liposuction, buttocks lifts, breast augmentations and eye lifts.  They also claimed that he had introduced himself as a “board-certified” plastic surgeon when he is merely a board-certified family physician.

Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr. Announces Closure of SCULPT Surgical Facility
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The website for SCULPT had cited that Dr. Stanley Jr. first established the surgery clinic in 2012 and graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University School of Medicine. The site also profiled the doctor, claiming, “Dr. Stanley is at the forefront of the most exciting advances in the field of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. He trains physicians worldwide in the safest and most advanced aesthetic procedures for face, body, and breast.”  The blurb goes on to list all of the recognition the physician has received, stating, “Dr. Stanley has been recognized as Midlands Business Journals’ 40 Under 40 Businesspeople, Readers’ Choice Best Cosmetic Surgeon, and Best of Omaha: Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Best Tummy Tuck, and Best Breast Augmentation.”

“They all assumed based on his training, education, and experience that he was qualified to perform these invasive surgical procedures and obviously he wasn’t because he is only a family practice doctor,” attorney James Martin Davis said.  “He has no training, education, or experience in general surgery.”  Davis continued that choosing Stanley Jr. to help with their procedures was not an easy decision for these patients.  “It was an emotional event to go in and see the doctor to begin with, to share and say ‘I have these problems and I want you to correct them.’ They’re alleging that he not just failed to correct them, he made the problems worse.”

In response to the litigation, a former staff member of SCULPT’s attorney, Mark Novotny, had stated, “We believe Dr. Stanley and SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery provided excellent care to these patients. Through the court system, everyone at SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery will be vindicated.”

However, it seems the clinic was long shrouded by rumors of employing physicians to work on procedures for which they were never licensed.  In April 2014, Dr. Stanley Jr. agreed to ensure that everyone working under his supervision stuck to their scope of practice and that they have the appropriate licensure required for all duties performed.  This came in response to allegations that the doctor had previously allowed unlicensed individuals to perform facials and chemical peels at the facility.


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