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Duct Tape Discipline Becoming the Norm in Missouri’s Schools

— September 6, 2017

Duct Tape Discipline Becoming the Norm in Missouri’s Schools

Evidently, it’s becoming a disturbing trend to use duct tape to discipline students in Missouri’s educational centers.  A second incident has just been reported within just a few weeks of the first.

This time, a St. Louis 7th grade teacher was recently put on administrative leave by school officials after duct taping a student to a chair to discipline her.  The school district has not identified the teacher as the matter is still pending.

Duct Tape Discipline Becoming the Norm in Missouri's Schools
Image Courtesy of New York Daily News

Clorinda Bailey, a student at Central Middle School in the Riverview Gardens School District, was escorted home by school administrators and her mother was told about the incident, according to district spokeswoman Leata Price-Land.  Evidently, Clorinda wouldn’t listen to instructions and stay seated at her desk, so the educator strapped a piece of duct tape across her lap to constrain her.

Clorinda’s mother was understandably upset after school administrators told her about the what had happened and they assured her the method of discipline is absolutely against school policy and being fully investigated.  School officials reported the girl was unharmed in the incident.

“We are just as disappointed about the issue as everyone else is, so we are right now trying to get the details about everything,” Price-Land said. “Whatever occurred, this isn’t part of our value system.”

Just a few weeks ago, parents of a 4-year-old girl at a Florissant, Missouri, daycare center accused one of the teachers of also using duct tape to restrain their daughter in a chair.

The parents, Elysha Brooks and Christian Evan, surprisingly learned about the incident after the Missouri Department of Children and Family Services sent them a picture that appeared to show their daughter, confused, strapped helplessly to a chair.

“One of her teachers duct taped her to a chair and posted her on SC [Snapchat],” Brooks posted on Facebook. “Received a call from a hotline and they sent me this pic of my baby.”  Her friends and family were outraged.

The teacher had seemingly thought the matter was funny and posted the photo to a Snapchat account.  Brooks and Evans didn’t find her actions to be a laughing matter at all.

Duct Tape Discipline Becoming the Norm in Missouri's Schools
Image Courtesy of Snapchat

“I’m looking at a picture of my daughter duct-taped to a chair, and her facial expression, I can just imagine how she felt,” Brooks said, devastated, of the picture circulating on the internet which depicts her little girl looking up at the camera with a terrified expression on her face.

Evans stated he won’t be satisfied until the center is shut down altogether and someone is prosecuted for what happened to the child.

“I won’t be happy until that daycare is shut down, for one, and whoever did this to my child, whoever it is, either – it’s not an either – she needs to be in jail,” he said.

One thing’s for certain.  This new trend is unlawful and has to stop immediately.


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