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E. coli Outbreak Prompts Lettuce Recall

— November 11, 2020

The FDA and Tanimura & Antle Inc. are recalling certain lots of lettuce over fears it make be contaminated with E.coli.

If you’re a salad fan, listen up. Earlier this week, Tanimura & Antle Inc. announced a recall of single head romaine lettuce that has already been shipped to almost two dozen states. The recall was issued over concerns the lettuce “may be contaminated with E. coli.

E. Coli Hazard; Image Courtesy of Pixabay,

The notice comes about a year after certain batches of lettuce from California “sickened hundreds of consumers and led to a blanket warning about romaine lettuce” and E. coli contamination. This latest recall was issued after Tanimura & Antle Inc. conducted a test from a random sample collected and analyzed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

At the moment, the recall only affects the “single head lettuce under the Tanimura & Antle brand label with a packed-on date of 10/15/2020 or 10/16/2020 with the UPC number 0-27918-20314-9,” according to the notice. So far, an estimated 3,396 cartons of potentially contaminated lettuce have been distributed to the following states:

Alaska, Oregon, California, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Mexico, South Carolina, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Illinois.

When commenting on the recall, Tanimura & Antle said, “It is unlikely that this product remains at retail establishments due to the shelf life of lettuce and the number of days that have passed.” Additionally, the company added that if the product is found in stores, it should be tossed or returned for a refund. The product can be identified via the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) sticker, which is 571280289SRS1 and 571280290SRS1.


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