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Elections – For the People

— December 12, 2018

As We the People proceed after the mid-term elections, it’s clear that there is much to be done for the safety and well-being of our society.

Our safety and happiness advanced after the 2018 mid-term elections as the House of Representatives is now in the hands of the Democrats and the Speakership in the hands of Nancy Pelosi, thought by many to be the most effective Speaker in history. She supports the purposeful slogan of “For the people” 1

 As I recently wrote in “Elections – Why You Should Care,” we the people, face existential threats that need to be addressed. 2

  • Injustice (Courts Politicized)
  • Instability (Climate Change and Devastation, Pollution)
  • Inequality (Income, Wealth, Health Care, Opportunity)

On Legal Reader, a year ago, I warned of the politicization of our Courts that has only worsened since. 3

Our courts are awash in cash. 4

But now, after the election, Republican appointed Chief Justice Roberts verbally “defends” Judicial political independence. 5

On Legal Reader I documented 50 Years of “legal” Climate Change that also continues to worsen. 6

Lighted sign saying “End Climate Injustice.” Image by Jon Tyson, via, cropped to reduce visible sky.
Lighted sign saying “End Climate Injustice.” Image by Jon Tyson, via, cropped to reduce visible sky.

The 2018 National Climate Assessment warns that adverse climate-related events are worsening. 7

Inequality in the U.S.A. has also deteriorated over the past 50 years and continues to worsen. 8

On Legal Reader, I addressed the political parties that have been mostly responsible for producing these tragic existential threats to we the people. 9

As for the plan that created the road map for these policies so harmful to we the people, Americans should read the infamous 1971 Lewis Powell Memo that resulted in Nixon appointing Powell to the Supreme Court. 10

 In 2018, a surprisingly large number of Americans turned out to vote in numbers sufficient to change the control of the House from Republican to Democrat. But not enough people in Red States voted to change control of the Senate.

What Will “We the People” Do Now?

A new book “Farsighted – How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most,” has useful historical information on factors that humans have used to change their lives. 11

Among the decision-making tools is storytelling. Legal Reader has been a producer of important stories. What Legal Reader and many others have done so well is to provide information such that in the court of public opinion, we the people now have a more informed and effective voice.

Media coverage of the problems we face and the actions and inactions of our government representatives has had a beneficial impact over the past two years.

People are now exercising their power to choose government representatives more focused on the protection of people over big money interests. But the continuing and worsening existential threats people face requires us now to persist.

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