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The Power of Email Marketing for Your Law Firm

— January 31, 2020

Email still stands as one of the most reliable means of communication. In business, not only is it very reliable, but it’s professional as well.

With many people now having access to mobile devices like smartphones, more and more folks are able to read their email effortlessly as well. Businesses, professionals, and even students now communicate remotely through email more than before. People today use email as often as they do all these social media sites.

This, therefore, means that email is a medium that isn’t to be taken for granted. When it comes to marketing, it’s a handy tool to reach out to your target market. If you’re running a law firm, for instance, email marketing is also one of the most cost-effective and professional means of communicating with both your existing and potential clients.

That said, here are some of the benefits that your firm can gain through email marketing:

1. People Check Their Email Regularly

When a person has an email address that’s up and running, it’s close to impossible that they will not be making any effort to check it regularly. Most, if not all, check their email daily, at least once a day. Right there and then, that’s the attention given to your message without you trying so hard.

Email marketing gives you the benefit of getting directly in front of your audience or target clients, and regularly at that. Even if they may not need your services right now, as soon as they need your expertise in the future, these people already have your name anchored in their memory, helping them reach your office without much hassle.

2. Shows Your Clients That You Value Them

Colorful confetti falling down with a teal background; image by Jason Leung, via
Colorful confetti falling down with a teal background; image by Jason Leung, via

When you already have a steady base of clients, you’ve got to keep them no matter what. Else, when you lose these clients, you’re going to have to start on square one again. On special days, it doesn’t hurt to send your current contacts list cheery messages, such as “Happy Birthday!” or “Happy Holidays!”. This will make your clients feel valued, thus they’ll most likely hire you again for your services in the future.

3. Faster Lead Conversion

One of the most effective tactics in terms of lead generation is email marketing. But, you don’t just stop there. Once you already have leads, you also need to strive to convert these into paying clients. This, email marketing can do. In comparison with website and social media marketing strategies, email marketing can drive a higher conversion rate, and that’s due to the following reasons:

  • It’s still one of the most effective communication strategies, especially in the world of ecommerce and other digital industries.
  • Emails are better written, and usually end with a more profound call-to-action.

4. Creates More Personalized Content

Clients love it when they receive personalized content in their inbox. It makes them feel more special, valued, and remembered. Emails are one of the best forms of messages in all of the digital stratosphere, and which best encourage engagement. In essence, emailing is just like texting or calling a friend, only you’re doing it over the Internet. It’s through email messages that you can play around more with the content of your messages, customizing them to fit the needs or the whims of the client group that you’re targeting.

5. More Cost-Effective Option

Sending emails costs close to nothing. Unlike other traditional marketing methods, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective measures. Because of its high success rate, all the more that it becomes very attractive to businesses, and even law firms. 

Here are some other ways that email marketing proves to be more cost-effective:

  • You don’t have to spend on printing and advertising space
  • Has an attractive return on investment (ROI)
  • Requires only a small amount of time and resources; the staff only has to ensure maintaining high email deliverability
  • Requires only a low operational cost

6. Builds Credibility

One of the email marketing mistakes that can make you lose credibility is sending spam-like and shady messages. This is why it’s essential to go back to the point of sending personalized content. When you do this, email marketing enables you to achieve the benefit of building credibility not just with your current client base, but even with the target market that you’re trying to reach.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to build credibility:

  • Create different subject lines for different messages
  • Create personalized subject lines, such as “Happy Birthday, Sara!” 
  • Tailor the content according to the market age and demographics to which you’re sending messages


Email still stands as one of the most reliable means of communication. In business, not only is it very reliable, but it’s professional as well. Almost every single person in this world visits their inbox daily, a kind of attention you can’t generate anywhere else. As a law firm looking for clients, email marketing is and will always be one of your best recourses.

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