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Ensure Your Safety While Using a Bicycle – Essential Rules to Follow

— December 6, 2021

Not every state asks the bicycle riders to use a helmet. However, according to latest research, wearing a helmet can bring down the chances of an injury by 70%.

For close to a decade, the total amount of bicycle accidents has gone down. But the recent studies highlight that the deaths caused by bicycle accidents have been on the rise. Such occurrences have been a bit too frequently in the recent times. Hence, if you are riding a bicycle in the United States, you ought to be careful about it. 

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, there has been an increase in such accidents in and around 2011. And since that time, several people have got killed because of these accidents. Hence, it is necessary to implement bicycle safety. 

Luckily today you have the capacity to restrict the chances of a bicycle accident. Should one happen, you can always get in touch with an attorney. However, here are a few steps that you must implement. 

  1. You need to wear a helmet

Not every state asks the bicycle riders to use a helmet. However, according to latest research, wearing a helmet can bring down the chances of an injury by 70%. Some fatal bike accidents lead to head injuries which can be avoided if you wear a helmet. 

  1. Check the device before you start riding

Most bicycle accidents don’t occur because of the driver getting distracted or any sudden bumps on the road. There could be malfunctions in the vehicle that can lead to many crashes. Hence, once you check your bicycle, you can bring down the chances of your accident to a great extent. Ensure that the tires are correctly inflated. You should also check the lights and the reflectors to ensure that it’s working in the correct condition. Take time to inspect the gears and chains for any issues, defects or fractures. 

  1. Put on reflective materials

One of the prominent causes of the accidents is restricted visibility. When a driver fails to see, then the chances of accidents are more. It’s mostly because of the path intersections that you are likely to have. Installing the reflectors on the bike might help and it’s also essential to wear reflective or bright clothing. 

  1. Make sure that you have your hands on the bike

You can have an impeccable balance. It can enable you to ride your vehicle without putting your hands on handlebars. Hence, it would help if you thought more before you do this. It might lead to unwanted accidents. It can make you fall from the bike or result in balance issues. Hence, make sure that you have your hands on the handlebars at every time. 

  1. Learn the signals and use them well

Several bicycle accidents take place near or at an intersection. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that you are highly familiar with the hand signals and bike signals. It would be best if you communicate correctly with the drivers and even the other cyclists. No one can know what you will do till such time you alert them. There is less chance of an accident when people are informed on the road. 

These are five essential rules that every bicycle rider needs to keep in mind. It will enable them to stay away from an accident. However, just in case there is an accident, a personal injury lawyer can always be of help. 

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