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The Essential Guide to Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

— July 24, 2020

You’re running a personal injury law firm that just isn’t getting enough clients to compete—what can you do to right the ship?

You want to up your marketing game, but… There seem to be thousands of marketing strategies and tactics you could be using, and you’re not sure which ones you should be using.

What tactics are going to have the greatest impact? Where should you allocate your marketing budget—and how much should that budget even be?

These big questions can quickly become overwhelming.

And to make matters worse, your competitors seem to be absolutely crushing it. It looks like they’re doing everything right—ads on Facebook, a well-designed website that’s showing up on Google, TV commercials in primetime spots…

… how are you supposed to get ahead?

How can you level up your marketing efforts, position your practice as an industry leader, get more inquiries knocking on your front door, and start retaining more clients?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to be sharing 9 marketing strategies and multiple specific marketing tacticsevery personal injury and plaintiff’s law firm can use to promote their practice, generate more intakes, and serve more clients.

Branding, digital advertising, social media, direct mail—this guide is going to cover all the essentials you need to confidently plan your law firm’s marketing efforts.

Let’s get started!

Before we jump into marketing strategies you can put into practice, let’s quickly touch on the role of marketing.

Overall, marketing helps you accomplish three main objectives:

1. Building your firm’s brand.

The better your marketing and advertising, the more people will be aware of your firm and the services you offer.

2. Getting in front of potential clients.

As your brand awareness increases, you’ll be able to reach more and more potential clients, no matter where they’re spending their time.

3. Growing your client list (and legal practice overall).

Finally, as your brand becomes more recognizable and you’re reaching more potential clients, your client list will begin to grow. Over time, you’ll increase your incoming requests, consultation calls, and clients.

And with that, let’s talk specifics…

Please click on the image below to read the entire guide, republished from with permission.

9 Marketing Strategies For Personal Injury Law Firms; graphic courtesy of author.
9 Marketing Strategies For Personal Injury Law Firms; graphic courtesy of author.

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