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Essure Surgical Images (graphic)

— October 28, 2015

Sometimes, people don’t get it when you try to explain a problem with statistics and words. Sometimes, they need to see pictures. Well, Bayer/FDA/doctors who think Essure is safe and the victims’ problems are “all in their heads,” here are some graphic Essure surgical images for you. Convinced now?

This post is for all the Essure supporters (doctors, patients, the FDA and Bayer) who think this product is safe. Maybe they just don’t grasp statistics and words. In that case, here are some Essure surgical images (graphic).

How much more will it take, Bayer/FDA/doctor disbelievers? How many more women’s lives must be damaged? This vile product must come off the market now!


If you or someone you know has problems with Essure, there is also a Facebook group, Essure Problems, which offers moral support and good information for Essure victims.

Activist Erin Brockovich has created a website, Essure Procedure, in an effort to create change regarding this horrible device.

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