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FDA: Sales of Essure Restricted to Protect Women’s Health

On April 9, yet another victory was scored as the FDA issued an order restricting the sale and distribution of the Essure device. Not recalled. Not banned. Restricted. Frustrating? Yes. A step in the right direction? Most definitely. Below, you’ll find the FDA’s press release announcing the new order.

Essure Advocates Meet with FDA – Discuss Essure’s Safety and Efficacy

In the ongoing fight to rid the market of an incredibly harmful medical device – Bayer’s Essure “permanent” sterilization implant, Essure advocates are meeting with the FDA today for a discussion on Essure’s safety and efficacy. What follows is the official press release from the advocates. We wish them all the best and great success today!

Hello, Judge? God Calling. Here’s How I Want this Verdict to Go.

Yes, you read it correctly. Earlier this month, Judge Jack Robison of Comal County, Texas, butted in during jury deliberations to ask the jurors to return a not-guilty verdict. Several sources report that Judge Robison apologized and offered by way of explanation that, when “God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.”

Woman Awarded $15M for Pelvic Mesh Injuries

Earlier this month, a New Jersey jury found in favor of a woman who had been injured by pelvic mesh. The jury awarded Elizabeth Hrymoc, 71, $15M in her suit against Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) subsidiary Ethicon, the mesh manufacturer. The $15M verdict consisted of $4M for pain and suffering, $1M for loss of consortium (conjugal affection with her spouse), and $10M in punitive damages, meant to send the defendants a clear message that their behavior is unacceptable.

Xarelto Jury Delivers $28M Verdict for Plaintiff

Last week, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Bayer AG had the first loss in the many Xarelto bleeding risk lawsuits. The Big Pharma duo has so far won the first three federal court cases. The Philadelphia state court jury handed down a $27.8M verdict for the plaintiffs, finding the companies didn’t adequately warn doctors and patients of the increased risk of internal bleeding with Xarelto use. The damages award is broken down into $1.8M in compensatory damages and $26M in punitive damages. The companies are already planning an appeal.