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Everything You Should Know About Hurricane Ian Insurance Attorneys

— October 25, 2022

Many homeowners don’t know the do’s and don’ts of hurricane repairs, but that’s fine.

Hurricane Ian is a major hurricane that has left many property owners with severe damages. If you’re from Florida and you’re in the same situation, fear not! You can still figure out how to repair the damage with the help of a professional attorney who specializes in insurance.

One of the first steps is to file a home insurance claim. However, many people struggle to get the compensation they deserve because insurance companies tend to delay their damage claims. If you’re struggling to get compensated after Hurricane Ian, here’s how insurance lawyers can help you.

File a Claim Dispute

Some of the best insurance lawyers can review and determine the coverage the insurance company needs to make. Suppose you’re from Naples, you can seek help from Naples Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims Lawyers, so they can conduct a detailed investigation of your home inspections and other documentation to settle your claim.

These lawyers understand that insurance companies can be a lot to handle. Additionally, they can make the process of filing a property damage claim easier, especially if you get denied compensation at first. These attorneys can simplify the process for you and ensure you receive maximum compensation.

What happens if Your Dispute is Denied?

Often, insurance companies can deny your claim. After all, they’re a for-profit business which means they try to avoid paying claims or offer you fair compensation. If your house has been damaged, the insurance company may deny the claim entirely or categorize damages as ‘exceeding the scope of policy.’

Not only that, but the insurance company may try to put the blame on other factors – the ones that aren’t covered by the policy or offer an unfair settlement.

If you want to avoid this misfortune, it’s best to consult a team of professional attorneys such as the Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, and they’ll negotiate insurance settlements on your behalf.

For instance, homeowners can try to file a claim that the hurricane damaged the roof of their house, while the insurance company will try to claim otherwise by saying that the damage is a result of wear and tear.

Failure of asphalt shingles allowing roof leakage; image by Dale Mahalko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via, no changes.
Failure of asphalt shingles allowing roof leakage; image by Dale Mahalko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via, no changes.

This is a type of tactic that they use since wear and tear are not covered by the policy. As a result, the claim can end in a disagreement, which is not uncommon in claim disputes.

If you’ve never negotiated with your insurance company, you’re probably unaware of such tactics. That’s why you should find an attorney near you since that’ll maximize communication and ensure that no one takes advantage of your unfortunate situation.

What You Should and Should Not Do with Hurricane Repairs

Many homeowners don’t know the do’s and don’ts of hurricane repairs, but that’s fine. Initially, you should remember to take pictures, or videos of your damage as that’ll prove your property damages best. Also, get a lien waiver as a piece of evidence that shows the amount of payment you received for your property.

When it comes to the don’ts of repairs, the essential thing to remember is to not assign your insurance proceeds to anyone, especially a general contractor. Instead, get the lien waiver that was mentioned above. Additionally, you should never pay in full upfront. Rather, make small deposits that the insurance company or anyone else can draw from.

Lastly, do your research and get referrals from relatives or friends to find the best attorneys and people who can make your repairs and check or insurance.

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