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How Lawyers Can Help You File a Hurricane Ian Property Damage Claim

— October 25, 2022

If Hurricane Ian has severely impacted your property, one of the smartest decisions you can make is to file your claim as soon as possible.

If Hurricane Ian has caused any damages to your property, you’re likely looking to file compensation for property damage. It can be a devastating and expensive process, but you first should seek help from a professional claim insurance lawyer who can help you file a claim.

The best and most compassionate attorneys understand the pain you may be going through. Here are some of the many ways they can help you deal with the insurance company and file for a claim to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Gather Evidence of the Damage

Hurricane Ian is perhaps the deadliest storm in Florida, and damages are long-lasting. One of the most crucial parts of a property damage report is having sufficient evidence to prove the damage. If you’re from Fort Myers, the first thing you should do is get in touch with Fort Myers Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim Lawyers to ensure you have valuable pieces of evidence.

Here are the main pieces of evidence you should be gathering:

Photos and Videos

If you can gather photos and videos of the damages, especially while they’re happening, this can make your case stronger. Your attorney and the insurance company have the chance to understand the intensity of the hurricane.

Suppose you’re from another city in Florida, like Fort Lauderdale. In that case, you can also seek help from Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC – a team of experienced attorneys who can put a value on your property damage claim and observe your evidence.

Another thing you should remember is to take pictures of any injuries you’ve sustained. That way, your lawyer and insurance company can prove that the hurricane also harmed you physically.

Neighbors’ Statements

One of the most overlooked things people tend to do is not get help from their neighbors. In fact, your neighbors can attest to the property damage and provide a different perspective to help your case. This will be extremely helpful, but keep all the evidence in a single file, so it’s easier to share with your attorney or insurance company.

Keep a Record of Any Information from the Insurance Company

When filing for a Hurricane Ian property damage claim, there’s one big obstacle you should be aware of : the insurance company. Because of that, you must keep a track record of any information that you learn from them, including:

Red denied stamp; image by tswedensky, via
Red denied stamp; image by tswedensky, via
  • Names of the insurance claim adjusters
  • Phone numbers
  • Contact info
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Letters

If you keep a record of all this information, the claim adjuster can’t deny that they said or did something. Additionally, this can help you gather more evidence for your claim, making you more likely to be compensated quickly.

Obviously, it’s better to get your lawyer’s opinion before proceeding with any further steps. To do that, you can try to find attorneys near you since you’ll need to communicate more often.

File Your Claim as Soon as Possible and Stay in Touch with the Insurance Company

If Hurricane Ian has severely impacted your property, one of the smartest decisions you can make is to file your claim as soon as possible. You need to do this within the first three years, or else you won’t be able to collect any compensation.

You should also stay in touch with the insurance company to ensure they answer you and take action with your claim. If they fail to do so, you should contact your property damage attorney immediately to help get your claim approved by the insurance company.

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