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Examples of Trucker Negligence

— November 11, 2022

Truckers may also engage in negligence if they pointedly ignore hazardous road conditions.

There are many ways in which truckers can operate their vehicles negligently. If you have suffered injuries in a Bronx semi-truck crash, you’re probably already well-aware of this fact. Even a few seconds of negligence can cause a trucker to lose focus or engage in reckless behavior, and an accident can quickly follow. Proving trucker negligence is a key part of a personal injury lawsuit, which is one of the few ways injured victims can receive compensation. So what are some examples of trucker negligence?


Perhaps one of the worst examples of trucker negligence is intoxication. Even though these professional drivers operate vehicles for a living and run the risk of losing their entire careers if they’re caught intoxicated behind the wheel, many still engage in this highly irresponsible behavior. Aside from drinking and consuming illegal drugs, truckers may also take legal prescription stimulants that affect their judgement and reaction times. Being under the influence of any drug is illegal while driving – even if the prescription drugs themselves are legal. 


Truckers that become distracted can easily cause serious crashes. The road is a long, boring place – and truckers often pass the time by texting, talking on the phone, watching videos, eating, drinking, or even playing video games. Anything that takes your eye off the road – even for a second – is considered a distraction and may be against the law. If a trucker was distracted at the time of a crash, they were clearly engaging in negligent behavior. 

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving can include things like speeding, changing lanes without warning, suddenly coming to a stop, or road rage. The problem with the trucking industry is that truckers are paid based on how quickly they make deliveries – not on how safely they make deliveries. Most truckers are concerned only with the bottom line, and they may not think twice about cutting you off, breaking the speed limit, or even attempting to run you off the road. 

Ignoring Hazardous Conditions

A salt truck seasons a snow-covered road to prevent ice buildup and keep drivers safe.
Road salt spread in the winter means contaminated water later. Photo by Thomas Brueckner, via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Truckers may also engage in negligence if they pointedly ignore hazardous road conditions. For example, periods of heavy snowfall necessitate a much more cautious approach. It may be the right call to simply pull over and wait for the storm to pass. But some truckers are so intent on sticking to their schedules that they ignore hazardous conditions and continue driving in the exact same manner. This can lead to some of the worst crashes imaginable. 

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