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Exploring 5 Popular Specialties of Law

— August 25, 2022

Lawyers who practice in the entertainment sector must be familiar with all facets of the sector.

If you’re considering a career in law, you have a variety of options depending on the topics and clients you would like to work with. Given the variety of possibilities, which course of action is the best? You can use your interests, what is currently trendy, and what is the most lucrative to direct you in the proper direction. Here are five legal disciplines that have a good chance of success.

Banking and Finance Law

Banking and finance law encompasses how financial institutions and their customers are financed. Following the Banking and Finance Act, “banks and mortgage lenders, custodians, and other suppliers of financial services authorized or licensed by state or federal banking authorities and holding corporations” are subject to regulation. In a broader sense, banking and financial law aim to regulate banks and other financial institutions and their actions concerning taxation, business, and other transactional activities. Lawyers in this field may work as in-house counsel for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

The recently drafted blockchain law may also suit attorneys with banking and finance experience. As more people learn to comprehend new technologies, attorneys skilled in the field will be increasingly useful. If you can break into this field of work early on, your opportunities will undoubtedly improve.

Entertainment Law

On the corporate side of the entertainment industry, there are a few less significant but nonetheless vital elements, including payments, compliance, and contracts. The options open to lawyers practicing in this area are significantly more extensive than what is mentioned in these specifics. Lawyers who practice in the entertainment sector must be familiar with all facets of the sector. They must be knowledgeable about television, music, publishing, and other fields. Working with actors, musicians, management teams, staff, and the businesses they represent is part of your job as a lawyer in this field.

Immigration Law

At least in many areas of the world, this law deals with the legalities faced by immigrants entering a country for temporary visits or extended stays. If you work in immigration law, your primary objective is to assist immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, individuals going through the legalization process without the right documentation, and individuals who enter the country illegally. In the business sector, law firms specialize in helping businesses hire skilled foreigners legally. With the aid of lawyers who focus on this area of law, businesses can negotiate the immigration process for these employees.

Criminal Law

Handcuffs and key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
Image by Bill Oxford, via

Many TV series and movies have featured this field of law, making it arguably the most well-known. In criminal law, the attorney typically performs both of these duties. In this field, the “people” are represented by public and private prosecutors, while private attorneys defend criminal defendants. Both state and federal governments employ prosecutors. These lawyers can work for both commercial and public institutions.

Both prosecution and defense lawyers play significant roles in the legal system. The public’s interests are protected, and prosecutors uphold the rule of law. Criminal defense attorneys make sure that police and prosecutors follow the law in addition to defending their clients. For example, law enforcement can ensure that a person’s Fourth Amendment rights aren’t violated during an unauthorized search.

Criminal defense lawyers are distinctive in some way in every country. For instance, criminal law firms in Sydney, Australia, unlike other legal firms, do not have monthly financial budgets to meet. They consequently give their clients the best outcomes in the quickest time possible, at a reasonable cost, and without any strain.

International Law

Public and private law are the two primary subcategories of international law. International law experts may work in their commercial and financial divisions for multinational corporations in the private sector. The fundamentals of business administration and knowledge of corporate or commercial law protections are useful in this profession. International law practitioners deal with conflicts concerning agreements between sovereign states. Understanding comparative or international law is best for effective practice in this area. International law, both public and private, is an interdisciplinary field that demands knowledge of the variations between common and civil law internationally.


You need to be an expert in your field as a lawyer to navigate the murky waters of the judicial ocean properly. Now that you know the various legal specialties, you should be ready to follow your chosen field of law.

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