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9 Stats and Facts About Truck Accidents in the US

— August 25, 2022

Are you one of the people who gets paranoid whenever you drive by a truck? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost everyone one of us gets paranoid when passing an 18-wheeler. Compared to an average family car, an 18-wheeler is 10 times bigger. 

The size scares everyone because if you collide with a truck, the heavy vehicle is not the one going to be totaled. All automobiles which pass an 18-wheeler should be careful. Maintaining a suitable distance from heavy vehicles is very crucial. Even if the brakes are applied, an 18-wheeler will travel some distance before coming to a complete stop.

Here are some facts and stats about truck accidents that you should know if you live in the US.

  1. Oil Rigs are a Major Reason for Truck Accidents

To be clear, this is not a conspiracy theory. This is a fact. Texas A&M Transportation Institute conducted research on truck accidents. With the reports, TTI came to the conclusion that oil rigs have an influence on truck accidents. 

TTI conducted the research during two periods. One from 2006-2009 and another from 2010-2013. The first timeline is before the oil surge, and the second timeline is during the oil surge. Comparing the number of truck accidents between these two periods, it was clear oil rig was part of the reason for truck accidents.

  1. Texas Accounts for 12.8% of Total Truck Accidents in the US

Texas is the number one state for truck accidents. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2020, Texas accounted for 12.8% of truck accidents in the USA. 

Texas has been the number one state for truck accidents for the past 10 years. The reason is linked to the oil rig. As previously established, oil rig has an influence on truck accidents. Texas accounts for 43% of oil production in the US. Texas is one of the biggest oil resources in the US. Thus, the number one place in truck accidents.

  1. 71% of Fatalities in Truck Accidents are Other Vehicle Occupants

According to NHTSA, in fatal truck accidents, 71% of fatality is the occupant of other vehicles. A reason for this is the size of the vehicles. An 18-wheeler is much bigger than an average family car. So, for the most part, the truck driver will be safe.

That is why the other vehicle driver should take the responsibility to be safe and cautious while passing a truck. It is much more dangerous for a car driver than a truck driver.

  1. In Fatal Truck Accidents, 4% of Trucks Contains Hazardous Cargo

Hazardous cargo like flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, and explosives are transported through large trucks. The drivers of these trucks should drive with extreme caution. In addition, the other car driver also should be cautious because colliding with this truck can be harmful to everyone. 

  1. Defective Tire is the Leading Cause of Truck Accidents

A truck accident can be due to many numbers of reasons. Many believe a drunk driver is a leading reason for truck accidents. But the leading cause of a truck accident is tire defect. 305 of the truck accident is due to a defective tire.

  1. Truck Accident Numbers Increased by 7000 in the Year 2019

Before 2019, 2018 was the year with the most truck accident in the last ten years. It increased by 7000 in the year 2019. In 2020, the truck accident numbers decreased the pandemic might be the reason for that. But now it is on the rise again.

  1. Car Drivers are Responsible for 81% of Car-Truck Accidents

    Man texting and driving; image by Alexandre Boucher, via
    Man texting and driving; image by Alexandre Boucher, via

According to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, car drivers are found as the at-fault person for 81% of truck-car accidents. Car drivers’ carelessness when passing the truck is the reason for these high at-fault numbers.

  1. In 2019, Over 55% of Truck Accidents Took Place in Rural Areas

Generally, in urban areas, the truck driver will be more careful. When it comes to rural areas, the driver might have a false sense of security. Hence, the high number of accident cases.

  1. In 2019, The Highest Truck Accident Compensation was 280 Million Dollars

Estate of Madere v. Greenwich Ins. Co. et al. was a historical case in truck accidents. The accident happened in 2016, and the jury reached a verdict in 2019. There were five victims, including two children. The family was awarded 280 million dollars in 2019. It is crucial for everyone involved in a truck accident to file a lawsuit to compensate for their losses. It is essential to contact a lawyer whose expertise is in dealing with truck accidents. For example, consulting with Swenson & Shelley truck accident lawyers can benefit you rather than approaching a general lawyer.

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