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Facing Child Pornography Charges? Steps You Must Take to Defend Yourself

— April 1, 2021

Provide your full cooperation, even when it may be difficult for some reason.

An arrest for possession of child pornography is only the beginning. If convicted, your life will never be the same. Even after serving time, there will still be as great deal you will deal with daily. From the ability to find a job to limitations on where you can live, that conviction will follow you around for the rest of your life. Rather than sitting back and hoping things work out, you need to take action now. Start with these actions and be prepared to take more if the situation merits it. 

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Experience in This Area

Navigating the legal aspects of your case won’t be easy. What you need now is someone who has experience with child porn cases in general, and cases like yours in particular. In other words, you need a child porn lawyer to take your case as quickly as possible. 

Even as the lawyer takes your case, commit to complete transparency. It’s not just about answering all questions from your legal counsel honestly. You want to be forthcoming with every detail, including the ones that the lawyer may not think to ask during those first meetings. If it has to do with the case in any way at all, bring it up. While you may think some minor detail doesn’t matter, it could be important to structuring the defense. 

Make No Public Statements without Consulting Your Lawyer First

While you may want to make proclamations about your innocence, now is the time to remain tight-lipped. Any requests from the media and other sources must not result in responses without the expressed consent of your legal counsel. Even then, the responses should be carefully worded and approved by your lawyer.

Woman holding finger to lips to show silence; image by philm1310, via CC0.
Woman holding finger to lips to show silence; image by philm1310, via CC0.

Why does this matter? It’s too easy to make an offhand comment or phrase the response in a way that can be interpreted in a manner you never intended. If your lawyer works with you to develop a response, rest assured it will be direct and less likely to create additional problems. 

Do Not Discuss the Case with Anyone Other Than Your Lawyers

Keeping quiet in terms of public statements is not the end of it. You should also say nothing about the case particulars to others. That includes those who are close to you. While it’s fine to repeat that you’re innocent, don’t answer questions about how the case is going or what your lawyer is doing on your behalf. 

People who have been told nothing are not in a position to be called to testify about things you’ve said. Further, what you thought was a private conversation over coffee with a friend was overheard by someone else. That led to the gist of the conversation being shared with others. Since what is passed on may or may not be an accurate rendition of what you said, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. 

Be Mindful of Where You Go and Who You’re With

Until your case reaches the courtroom, don’t be surprised if your legal counsel advises you to avoid certain venues and to stay away from specific individuals. The goal is to prevent any type of allegations related to where you’ve been and who was present. Even if you find this difficult to do, stick with the advice. Doing so could mean one less complication that your lawyer has to defuse once in court. 

Through it all, rely on your child porn lawyer to guide the movement of the case. Provide your full cooperation, even when it may be difficult for some reason. The decision to work hand in hand with your legal counsel will increase the odds of things turning out the way you hope. 

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