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Capitol Hill in Focus as a Wakeup Call

— April 1, 2021

Anyone who identifies the masked man can earn $100,000, as announced by the FBI in the latest developments.

The incident at Washington DC’s Capitol Hill left everyone flabbergasted. There was a sense of fear, distress, and chaos all around. It supposedly started when Donald Trump’s supporters forcefully entered the Capitol building and wreaked havoc to disrupt the voter certification process of Joe Biden by the US Senate. The event allegedly occurred after Trump addressed the rally outside the White House to protest the election results. That led his followers to march to Capitol Hill and to create violence. They broke the building windows to get entry. Amidst this, the news of a woman shot in the building also made rounds, forcing authorities to declare lockdown in the area whereby no one could move in or out of the premises.

Why did the violence happen?

Donald Trump falsely stated that he won the election, that it is due to the rigged results that Democrat rival Joe Biden was victorious. In truth, Biden secured 306-232 votes in Electoral College and over seven million ballots at the national level. But Trump continued to make false claims. He supposedly told his supporters that they would not give up while addressing the public at the Ellipse located close to the White House. He said that you could not accept defeat, especially when it involves theft.

What did this event show?

The ominous capitol building carnage stands as an example of homophobia, racism, and xenophobia for many experts. The mob wanted Congress not to certify Joe Biden’s election, which is ceremonial and requires adherence. The protests have rung alarm bells for everyone in and outside the country regarding what happens when leadership fails to embrace diversity. It gives people a chance to spread myths and act on them.

Election 2020 graphic
Election 2020 graphic; image courtesy of conolan via Pixabay,

So far, the diverse US society stood together on the grounds of decorum, laws, political brilliance, and institutions. However, constitutionalism’s faults came to the front when a hostile system challenged its rule of law. Some believe that the cause of the incident is mob incitement and historical hangover. 

The current investigation scene

Since the incident, the police have looking for the people who broke the property and created a mess. Recently, the FBI showed a video of an individual suspected of planting bombs at the Capitol so that they can identify the culprit. According to the reports, the riot would have turned into a bloodbath if the pipe bombs would have detonated, leading to lethal injuries and deaths. In the video, one can notice a masked man in a gray hoodie with a backpack. However, what was unique about the person was his footwear – the Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes. 

The man was moving around suspiciously near the bomb locations, the Republican and Democratic National Committees’ office buildings. These are only a stone’s throw away from the Capitol building. There is a belief that this was mainly to distract the police’s attention from the Capitol so that rioters could have been successful in their efforts.

Anyone who identifies the masked man can earn $100,000, as announced by the FBI in the latest developments.

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