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Facts You Should Never Hide From Your Personal Injury Lawyer

— September 15, 2020

In short, don’t keep anything from your personal injury lawyer. Even a single piece of information missed, intentionally or accidentally, can weaken the case.

If you are looking for a fair compensation value for your personal injury claim, having a legal expert handling it is vital. Moreover, it is important that you be truthful and candid with them unless you are willing to damage or ruin your case. A majority of these cases are complex and proving negligence and liability of the guilty party is easier said than done. Your lawyer would need to reach the minute details to prove the claim. 

Even a single piece of information missed, intentionally or accidentally, can weaken the case. Obviously, they would expect you to be upfront because the ultimate outcome would matter to you more than anyone else. Still, there are some facts that victims tend to hide from their lawyers and end up losing the case. Here are the ones you must absolutely share with them.

Prior injuries 

The presence of a pre-existing injury can complicate your case because it gets tough to prove whether it was already there or has been worsened by the accident. Your lawyer needs to know if there were any such pre-existing injuries or problems with the areas affected by the mishap. Even if you don’t tell them, they can easily find out by accessing the prior medical records. It is a common practice for attorneys and insurance companies to review the records for the last ten years as a part of the process. Rather than having them find the truth this way, it is better to pass on the information honestly.

Injury, knee, brace and pain HD photo by rawpixel (@rawpxel) on Unsplash.
Injury, knee, brace and pain HD photo by rawpixel (@rawpxel) on Unsplash.

Prior claims 

Just like pre-existing injuries, prior claims are also a matter of concern for your lawyer and you must not conceal them. If you have made prior injury claims before, let your attorney know early on. Once again, they can access the online records that show your claim history and prior claim information. It is better to trust the professional and give them these details without hesitation. You can learn more about their credentials and reputation before going ahead with passing the information. But concealing facts never helps, rather it can tilt the potential outcome of your case in favor of the guilty party.

Prior legal issues 

A previous legal issue can creep up in your case and even impact the way it works out for you. If you have ever been in legal trouble before, make sure that your attorney knows everything about it. Whether the issue had been of civil or criminal nature, let them know the smallest details and also inform them about any charges filed. They will probably be able to handle the situation with prior knowledge and have a strategy for keeping the information out of a trial. 

The relationship between a client and an attorney is based on mutual trust. Concealing facts from your lawyer is the last thing you should do, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they may appear. If you share every little detail with them, they will be able to manage the situation in the best way and get you a favorable verdict along with the compensation value you deserve.

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