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Failed Compliance Testing Prompts Recall of Medical Marijuana in Detroit

— January 15, 2020

A Detroit dispensary recalled certain medical marijuana products that may be contaminated with the fungicide paclobutrazol.

Upclose photography of marijuana leaves; image by Rick Proctor, via
Upclose photography of marijuana leaves; image by Rick Proctor, via

A Detroit dispensary is recalling certain medical marijuana products over a failed safety compliance test. It turns out the products contain “paclobutrazol, a fungicide that is harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When commenting on the recall, David Harns, a spokesperson for the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency said:

The way our system works, a failed test stops the product from moving along the supply chain. This failed test was not entered properly, so it was not stopped…We haven’t had any reports of anyone having symptoms. But we encourage people to report any illnesses.”

The affected products belong to production batch 1A4050100002330000000009 and were sold at the following dispensaries in the Bay City area between October 14 and January 6:

  • Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000249)
    3650 Patterson RD
    Bay City MI 48706
    Individual Package # 1A4050100002330000000415
  • Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000261)
    3557 Wilder RD
    Bay City MI 48706
    Individual Package # 1A4050100002330000000416
  • Pharmaco, Inc. (PC-000205)
    20561 Dwyer ST
    Detroit MI 48234
    Individual Package # 1A405010000233000000041

For now, caregivers and patients who have the recalled marijuana should return them for proper disposal.


Recall Issued For Medical Marijuana Sold At Detroit Dispensary

Marijuana recalled after possible sales in Bay City, Detroit

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