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Family of Murdered Shawano Brothers File Wrongful Death Lawsuit

— December 27, 2019

The family of brothers Nicholas, 34, and Justin Diemel, 24 filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man that killed them.

In July, two brothers, Nicholas, 34, and Justin Diemel, 24 of Shawano County were killed while on a business trip to Missouri. Now, their family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Garland Nelson, the brothers’ accused murderer, “his mother, Tomme Feil, and J4s Farm Enterprises.” The suit was filed on November 26 by Pamela Diemel, the mother of the brothers, and Nicolas’ wife, Lisa Diemel and seeks damages from Nelson and the other defendants.

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What happened, though? How and why were the brothers killed? For starters, the brothers owned Diemel’s Livestock in Navarino. On the day of their death, they visited Nelson to “collect a $250,000 payment from him for cattle he was taking care of.” According to court documents, “they were reported missing July 21 after they didn’t make a flight back to Wisconsin.” Soon after, it was discovered that Nelson had murdered the brothers. According to reports, he shot, burned, and buried their bodies.

Feil first created J4s in 2018 after Nelson was “released from prison following a conviction of felony cattle fraud.” Despite her son’s conviction, Feil allowed him to work for J4s. Unfortunately, the suit claims Feil and J4s “failed to adequately supervise Nelson’s activities, ultimately leading to the Diemel brothers’ murders” when they showed up to collect payment. Additionally, the suit alleges the defendants “knew or should have known that allowing Nelson to return to the cattle business created an unreasonable risk of harm to others.” On top of that, the lawsuit also alleges the defendants “misrepresented their intention to pay for the Diemels’ cattle” and states “J4s concealed the fact that the company didn’t have the money to pay the Diemels, and knew that Nelson intended to kill the men if they came to collect.”

Eventually, after the brothers were reported missing, their remains were found. According to the suit, “Nicholas Diemel’s remains were found on a Caldwell County farm, and Justin Diemel’s remains were discovered near Hershey, Nebraska, about 400 miles from Nelson’s farm.” Soon after, Nelson was charged with murder “after sitting in jail for months on vehicle tampering charges related to the case.” According to police reports, Nelson “abandoned a rental truck used by the brothers in a commuter lot in Holt, Missouri, after they came to his farm.”

As a result of the brother’s murder, the wrongful death suit is seeking unspecified punitive damages, as well as compensation for the “loss of the Diemel’s cattle and payment of legal and other costs.


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