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Finance Sector Benefits from Machine Learning Development and AI

— September 11, 2020

Banking and finance rely on “experts” but the new expert on the scene is your AI/ML combo, able to do far more, do it fast and do it accurately. 

Making the right decisions and grabbing opportunities in the fast moving world of finance can make a difference to your bottom line. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning make a tangential difference. Engage machine learning development services in your finance segment and life will not be the same. Markets and Markets study shows that artificial intelligence in financial segment will grow to over $ 7300 million by 2022. 


The simple reason you need machine learning development company to help you make better decisions with the help of AI/ML is data. Data flows in torrents from diverse sources and contains precious nuggets of information. This can be the basis of understanding customer behaviors and it can help you gain predictive capabilities. Data analysis with ML can also help identify patterns that could be indicative of attempts at fraud and you save your reputation and money by tackling it in time. 

The key

Normalize huge sets of data and derive information in real time according to specifiable parameters. Machine Learning algorithms can help you train the system to carry out fast analysis and deliver results based on algorithm models created for the purpose by Machine Learning Development Company for you. As it ages the system actually becomes smarter because it learns as it goes along. 

To achieve the same result manually using standard IT solutions you would employ a team of IT specialists but even then it is doubtful if you could get outputs in time to help you take decisive action. 

Fraud prevention

This is one case where prevention is better than cure. A typical bank may have hundreds of thousands of customers carry out any number of different transactions. All such data is under the watchful eye of the ML imbued system and it is quick to detect anomalies. In fact, ML has been known to cause misunderstanding because a customer not familiar with credit card operations repeatedly fumbled and that raised a false alarm. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry and carry out firefighting after the event. 

Stock trading

Day trading went algorithmic quite a few years back and helped brokers profit by getting the system to make automatic profitable trades. Apart from day trading there are derivatives, forex, commodities and binary where specific models for ML can help you, as a trader or a broker, anticipate price movements. This is one area where price is influenced not just by demand-supply but also by political factors, climate, company results and unforeseen calamities. ML keeps track of all and integrates them into a predictive capability to keep you ahead of the game. 

Investment decisions

Machine learning; image by Salvatore P, via Pexels, CC0.
Machine learning; image by Salvatore P, via Pexels, CC0.

Likewise, investments in other areas like bonds, mutual funds and real estate need to be based on smart analysis of present and future while factoring external influencers. No one, for example, foresaw the covid-19 devastation that froze economies and dried up sources of funds that have an impact on investments, especially in real estate. However, if you have machine learning based system it would keep track of developments and alert you in advance so that you can be prepared. Then there are more mundane tasks in finance sector where ML does help. Portfolio managers always walk a tight rope and rely on “experts” who can make false decisions and affect client’s capital. Tap into the power of ML to stay on top and grow wealth of wealthy clients. Their recommendations will get you more clients making the investment in ML solutions more than worthwhile. It could be the best investment you make. 


Banks, private lenders, institutions and insurance companies routinely carry out repetitive and mundane tasks like attending to inquiries, processing forms and handling transactions. This does involve extreme manpower usage leading to high costs. Your employees work under a deluge of such tasks and cannot do anything productive. Switch to ML technologies to automate such repetitive tasks. You will have two benefits:

  • Your employees can attend to more critical and urgent tasks and do something productive, and, 
  • ML powered systems can gather data and present actionable insights. 

The second one alone is worth the investment. In the normal course of things you would have to devote considerable energies to identify developing patterns whereas the ML solution presents trends based on which you can modify services, design offers or address customer pain points and ensure loyalty. 

Risk mitigation 

Smart operators are always gaming the system such as finding ways to improve credit score and obtain credit despite being ineligible. Such operators would pass the normal scanning technique of banks. However, if you have ML for assessment of loan application the system delves deeper and digs to find out all relevant information, collate it and analyze it to help you get a true picture. Non-performing assets cause immense losses to banks and this is one area where Machine Learning solutions put in place by expert machine learning development services can and does prove immensely valuable. 

Banking and finance rely on “experts” but the new expert on the scene is your AI/ML combo, able to do far more, do it fast and do it accurately. 

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