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Find Good Truck Accident Lawyers in Dover, Delaware

— January 12, 2022

Establishing the true cause of the accident is essential because you need to know who to sue, the driver or the trucking company.

Over 7,200 people were injured in car crashes in Delaware in 2020, and that was a good year as there was less traffic due to pandemic restrictions. This goes beyond statistics, those aren’t simple numbers we’re talking about. Those numbers mean that every single day 20 people ended up in a hospital with minor or serious injuries. The most likely to cause serious injury are truck accidents. When a 35,000 pounds semi-truck slams into a sedan, the passengers in the car are lucky if they get out alive. 

If you or a loved one were recently involved in a truck accident in or around the state capital, you need to look up the best Dover truck accident lawyers as soon as possible. Truck accidents carry unique risks and liabilities and they are far more complex than car crashes. In a common fender-bender it’s fairly easy to establish blame and the financial losses are minimal.

Truck accidents are a completely different story. The first thing you need to do is find out the exact cause of the accident, and this is where you could use the expertise of skilled Delaware truck accident lawyers.

Many truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Truck drivers typically spend more hours on the road than allowed by federal regulations. Not that they enjoy it, but they have to if they are to reach their destination in time. If you’re in such an accident, make sure to take a good look at the truck driver. Did he look particularly tired? This is something your lawyer will definitely want to know. Also, make sure to get contact info of all the eyewitnesses in case their testimony is needed later. If there’s reason to believe the truck driver was drowsy, your lawyer will request documents to prove compliance with federal drive time requirements.

Cars driving in sunset; image by Mat Reding, via
Cars driving in sunset; image by Mat Reding, via

In some accidents, the driver simply loses control of the truck and this also requires a serious investigation. Maybe it was a simple driving error or maybe the driver lost control of the truck because it was improperly loaded. If that is the case, it’s probably not the driver’s fault.

Seasoned truck accident lawyers usually request a technical report on the vehicle. If the accident was caused by a mechanical or system failure, it’s the trucking company that should be held accountable. They are responsible for the truck’s maintenance and they are required to make sure all vehicles are in perfect working condition.

Establishing the true cause of the accident is essential because you need to know who to sue. If the driver was at fault, you’ll have to sue him. However, if the trucking company or the company that provides maintenance was responsible your lawyer will help you file a claim with them.

This is where the insurance company comes in. They will try to settle the matter quickly. They know that you’re facing mounting medical bills and need money, so they will give you some. Usually less than you deserve. Just let your lawyer do his job and demand fair compensation for all your suffering.

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