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Finding Good Colorado Sexual Harassment Lawyers

— December 20, 2021

If a coworker is sending you inappropriate messages or sexually-explicit video, make sure to save everything to your device. 

Inappropriate comments about female employees, offering money to employees in exchange for sex acts, rubbing against a male employee’s buttocks, these are just a few of the complaints that emerged in the sexual harassment scandal involving Christopher’s Dodge Ram in Golden, Colorado. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against the company on September 30, 2021. The charges range from subjecting both male and female employees to a sexually hostile work environment, to racial discrimination, all of them in violation of state and federal law.

Taking the employer to court was only possible because the victims decided to fight back. If you’re in a similar situation, this is what you should do, as well, and the fight for justice starts with finding the best Colorado sexual harassment lawyers.

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The legal definition of sexual harassment in the workplace refers to two types of situations:

Hostile work environment, as in the Christopher’s Dodge Ram case, refers to situations when the victim is sexually harassed by their workmates, with or without the manager’s knowledge.

Quid pro quo cases refers to a manager or supervisor asking for sexual favors, with the promise of a raise, or the threat of termination. Whatever works. 

When you reach out to a sexual harassment lawyer, they will listen to your account of the incidents that occurred in your workplace to establish what type of sexual harassment applies and will explain to you what are the legal steps you must follow. 

To build a strong case you will need evidence to support your claims. Your lawyer will try to talk to your coworkers to get their testimony on the treatment you were subjected to. In the Christopher’s Dodge Ram case they had plenty of testimonies as several workers decided to speak out. Finding someone to support your story seems a bit tricky, as they have every reason to fear retaliation. However, anyone supporting a sexual harassment claim is protected by law. Should the employer take retaliatory measures against them, they will suffer the consequences.

If you contact a Denver sexual harassment lawyer or an attorney in your area, they will advise you to create a journal detailing all the incidents, writing down the nature of the offense and listing the participants. If some of your male coworkers were having a blast making sexist jokes about you, you need to write everything down. If a coworker is sending you inappropriate messages or sexually-explicit video, make sure to save everything to your device. 

Before you can file a complaint with the EEOC, you need to try to solve your problem at company level, employment lawyers advise their clients. You need to offer your employer a chance to do something, even if you know they not only tolerate but also encourage sexual harassment. 

In most cases, the EEOC tries to negotiate a settlement between the two parties. Your lawyer will advise you how much money you can ask for as damages. If you were forced to quit, you can claim lost wages, and you can ask to be reinstated if you so wish. 

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