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Need to Talk to Georgia Sexual Harassment Lawyers? Read This.

— December 20, 2021

Your sexual harassment laywers will talk to those of your coworkers who may have witnessed the incidents and convince them to testify on your behalf.

Have you’ve been told that you look hot? Well, then you should expect to be sexually harassed and it’s all your fault. That’s what a female security guard with American Security Associates in Acworth, GA, was told when she complained her male coworker was sexually harassing her. The woman reported her coworker for cornering her and threatening to commit sexual acts, but her employer chose not to investigate the matter. On the contrary, she was given a different assignment, one that came with a paycut. 

The matter was brought to the attention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and they filed a lawsuit against the company. If you’re subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace you should follow this brave woman’s example and take action. Start by looking up the best Georgia harassment lawyers you can find. 

Also, you need to educate yourself on the legal definition of sexual harassment in the workplace, just to be sure you do have a case. 

There are three types of sexual harassment: verbal/written, visual or physical. 

In the above mentioned case, that was physical harassment. It doesn’t get much worse then being cornered and threatened with sexual acts. Any unwanted touching, rubbing, groping, fondling, massaging or kissing constitute grounds to claim sexual harassment.

At the same time, when your coworkers commonly use sexually-charged language, make sexist jokes or lewd comments about your looks, that’s also a form of harassment. 

The same applies if they send you sexually-explicit images or videos or display such materials around the office. It doesn’t matter if they claim that it’s only for their amusement and it’s got nothing to do with you. Such behavior is not allowed in the workplace and it constitutes sexual harassment.

Talking to well-versed Atlanta sexual harassment lawyers or to an attorney in your area can help you put an end to such an unpleasant situation. In most cases, employment lawyers specializing in sexual harassment offer a free initial consultation, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win.

Man and woman in meeting; image by Headway, via
Image by Headway, via

If it’s the first time you find yourself in such a situation, you probably don’t know what to do and how to proceed. An experienced lawyer, on the other hand, can help you gather the evidence needed to support your charges, before the EEOC or in a court of law, if it comes to that.

Your sexual harassment laywers will talk to those of your coworkers who may have witnessed the incidents and convince them to testify on your behalf. Many are unwilling to talk, at least in the beginning, as they fear retaliation from the employer. There’s no reason to be afraid, as any punitive action taken against employees who file or support a sexual harassment complaint is illegal. 

The EEOC will investigate your complaint and offer to negotiate a settlement. If your employer refuses to negotiate, the commission can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Your lawyer will help you figure out the amount of money you should ask for. 

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