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Florida Bill Denies Clean Energy Options While Insurance Companies Deny Water Damage

— June 6, 2022

The state of Florida is more vulnerable to flooding and is widely considered a Ground Zero for vulnerability to sea-level rise and flooding.

The Florida Phoenix1 is reporting that the Florida House of Representatives plans to omit efforts to get to the root of water damage in Florida homes. Democrats have pushed for clean energy home solutions, while the Republican majority has voted it down.

One day after an international scientific panel warned that climate change has begun causing “irreversible” damage to the planet and its forms of life, the Florida House of Representatives refused on Tuesday to add clean-energy solutions to its legislative plan to defend the state against climate-induced sea-level rise and flooding.

Furthermore, the House also advanced a net-metering bill that will make rooftop solar more expensive over time, in support of conventional utility companies which trade mostly in oil and gas. Democrats offered a myriad of amendments to the bills in support of clean energy, but the Republican majority defeated them.

The state of Florida is more vulnerable to flooding and is widely considered a Ground Zero for vulnerability to sea-level rise and flooding. The bill is now advancing to a final hearing in the House. A similar bill that controls net-metering is advancing to the Senate.

How to tell if your property has water damage 

There are many ways to tell if your property has water damage. Some key factors include:

Trinkle spent two days using a sump pump to clear her basement, only for it to flood yet again. Image via Flickr/user:brewatford. (CCA-BY-2.0).
  • Cracks in the walls, ceiling, floor, and other parts
  • Crumbling on walls, floor, and other parts
  • Smell of mold
  • Appearance of mold
  • Water rings on ceiling or walls pointing to a leak in the pipes
  • Soft or sagging spots on the floor, especially near the tub, shower, sink…
  • Cracked or warped tile, laminate, or wood flooring
  • Rust under the heater
  • Mildew or musty smell
  • Cracking on floors

If any of these signs are prevalent in your home, we recommend contacting your property manager or a water damage attorney in your area.

How to check for water damage 

If you are in Florida and suspect water damage in your home, our office suggests doing the following:

  • Check the structure that sits at the highest point of the property
  • Walk around and check the exterior of the house
  • Look for leaks, missing or cracked shingles on the roof.
  • Look at all the exterior windows or door frames
  • Call a professional
  • File a water damage claim
  • Hire a water damage claim attorney.

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