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Former Employee Sues Dave Ramsey for Wrongful Termination

— March 14, 2021

Dave Ramsey was recently hit with a lawsuit over claims he has been terminated employees who have premarital sex.

Dave Ramsey was recently hit with a federal lawsuit over allegations that “employees were fired or disciplined for premarital sex.” Now, a top personality for Dave Ramsey’s company just announced he was leaving for “undisclosed things going on in his personal life.” The employee, Chris Hogan, was “billed as one of the top personalities at Ramsey’s Williamson County headquarters.” He made and published a YouTube video last week where he announced his abrupt departure.

Gavel and two hardbound books on wooden table; image by Succo, via
Gavel and two hardbound books on wooden table; image by Succo, via

In the video, Hogan said:

“I need to let you all know about some things going on in my personal life…Recently, it’s come to light that I’ve done some things personally that are not in line with Ramsey’s solutions. And as a result, I am no longer a team member at Ramsey.”

The announcement came two days after attorneys for another former employee, Cailtin O’Connor, requested “Hogan’s personnel file as part of an ongoing federal lawsuit.” It turns out, O’Connor is suing Ramsey over claims that she was “unfairly terminated after becoming pregnant out of wedlock.” She worked for the company for four years before being terminated.

As part of O’Connor’s lawsuit, her attorneys allege that eight other employees were “disciplined for having premarital sex.

Ramsey’s attorneys are pushing bask against the allegations, though. Just last month they tried to have part of the lawsuit dismissed and said Ramsey is “a purveyor of biblically-based educational resources, and prohibits employees from engaging in premarital sex. Plaintiff’s employment was terminated for violating this rule.”

When asked about the company and allegations, another anonymous former employee said, “I think in some situations, they do cross a line that an employer shouldn’t cross.”

While details of the personal event that prompted Hogan’s departure aren’t yet known, his ex-wife, Melissa Hogan, noted the event was personal and painful enough that they “led to their divorce in 2019.” She wrote:

“I speak publicly at great risk that Ramsey Solutions could very well take steps to terminate my ex-husband and thus profoundly impact the financial well-being of my family and my medically fragile son’s health insurance, which is maintained through Ramsey Solutions and which he desperately needs.”

This is not the first time Ramsey has been in the spotlight this year. In fact, earlier this year, another former employee said she was abruptly terminated “after her husband criticized the company’s Christmas party.” According to her husband, the party was a large gathering and few people were wearing masks. 


Lawsuit alleges Dave Ramsey’s company fired/disciplined employees for premarital sex

Dave Ramsey’s company faces federal lawsuit after allegedly firing employee for being pregnant

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