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Fort Lauderdale Dog Attack Leaves 5-Year-Old with 50 Stitches and Scars

— March 7, 2023

Despite the doctor’s best efforts to help the five-year-old girl recover, her scars have not improved, and she’s absolutely traumatized by the entire incident. 

On February 10, 2023, a horrifying dog attack involving a 5-year-old girl unfolded in Fort Lauderdale, leaving her with serious injuries. We asked California a dog bite lawyer Ehline Law in Los Angeles to cover the legal aspects of the case. Their lead counsel, Michael Ehline, says who pays what depends on the law of the state. He explained how it works in California. Let’s take a look.

Vicious Dog Bite Leaves Girls in Serious Injuries in Hortt Park in Fort Lauderdale

The 5-year-old girl’s father, Florian Becker, spoke to NBC 6 about the incident stating that it happened at Horrt Park. According to Becker, he was at home when the mother decided to take the kids to Hortt Park, located at 1700 SW 14th Court, where the unfortunate incident occurred.

The Dog Attacked the Girl after Its Owner Prompted the Five-Year-Old to Pet It

When the children and Becker’s wife arrived at the park, they encountered a woman with a dog who approached them. The woman asked Becker’s daughter to pet the dog, stating that the dog was friendly. Hesitantly, the girl cautiously approached the dog and started petting it on the head when the dog turned around and bit the girl in the face.

Dog Bit the Girl One More Time as the Girl’s Mother Tries to Control Animal

Becker’s wife was on the phone 10 feet away when the horrible incident unraveled. She dropped her phone and ran towards the dog, gripping it from the collar, but the collar broke, and the dog bit the girl again.

According to Becker, the dog’s owner did not try to restrain or control the dog as his wife wrestled the dangerous animal to the ground, calling for help constantly.

Dog Walked Away after Its Owner Pulls It Following Multiple Cries for Help

Becker’s wife kept screaming at the dog’s owner to try to subdue the dog and take it away. Eventually, after a few cries for help, the dog owner held the leash and went away with her pet, but the damage was already done. Becker’s daughter’s face was completely covered in blood.

Surveillance Camera Records Little Girl Screaming and Dog’s Barks

Fortunately, Becker’s wife is an ER physician, who immediately assessed the injuries and rushed her daughter to the emergency room at the Broward General hospital.

The nearby surveillance camera picked up the young girl screaming and the dog barking aggressively, but when the police arrived at the scene, the dog’s owner and their pet were not in sight.

Florian Becker Provides an Update on the Medical Team’s Efforts to Help His Daughter

In the interview with NBC 6, Becker stated that it took the medical professionals five hours to stitch his daughter’s face as the bite wounds spread across the head, skull, shoulders, and back.

The medical professionals administered 50 stitches and staples to the affected wounds to close them up and start the healing process.

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Photo by Erkan Utu from Pexels

Family Searching for Answers Requests Dog Owner to Come Forward

Becker’s wife stated that they have no information about the dog involved in the devastating incident and are unsure whether it had rabies. They want to avoid treatment and putting their 5-year-old girl through a vaccine but are currently seeking answers about the incident in Hortt park in Fort Lauderdale.

Girl Extremely Traumatized after the Dog Bite, Concerned Father States

Despite the doctor’s best efforts to help the five-year-old girl recover, her scars have not improved, and she’s absolutely traumatized by the entire incident.

According to Becker, the authorities located the dog and its owner, and Broward County Animal Control took the animal into custody.

Florida and California Are Strict Liability States

Just like Florida, California is a strict liability state, meaning that the dog owner is responsible for the injuries caused by their dog regardless of the dog’s former viciousness or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness. In the Fort Lauderdale dog attack incident, the family may be able to pursue a dog bite lawsuit and recover the damages incurred to their daughter.

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