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Free Open Lecture – Marketing Tips for Lawyers: Get More Clients by Building a Better Client Experience

— February 4, 2022

Attend a free open lecture to learn the two changes you can make to your firm’s website to beat 98% of your competition.

Register for Lawrina’s open lecture and learn how to apply the psychology of human intimacy to your law firm’s marketing and make two simple changes to your website to beat out 98% of your competition.

When and where?

February 15th, at 1 pm EST. Online on YouTube and LinkedIn.

What will you learn?

There still is a huge disconnect between what clients want and what lawyers are delivering. Lawyers invest time and money in their marketing but often do not see the results they want. 

That is why Lawrina asked David Walters, an experienced marketer, to make an open lecture with useful marketing tips for lawyers. 

During his 60-minute open lecture, David will:

  • Cover the psychology of Сustomer Value Journey (CVJ)
  • Share how to create ideal customer avatars,  
  • Explain how to use the avatar as the basis for drafting your CVJ 
  • Tell you how to work with this framework afterward

Who will be speaking?

David Walters — Certified Digital Marketing Strategist with a focus on helping small and solo law firms optimize their marketing to compete against larger firms. His company has been a certified partner of the world-leading training and certification company DigitalMarketer for over four years.

Machine learning; image by Salvatore P, via Pexels, CC0.
Machine learning; image by Salvatore P, via Pexels, CC0.

David teaches that random digital tactics are worthless whereas “digital amplification” of a strategic marketing message is the route to achieving predictable growth for your law firm. By applying the psychology of human intimacy to your marketing, your law practice can experience a steady flow of quality clients.

Who will be interested?

  • Solo practitioners who want to get more clients
  • Attorneys / Paralegals who want to start their own practice
  • Law students who want to get started and find first clients

What will you get?

Registered participants will receive:

  • Workbook to use for a self-audit before the lecture and to work on during the lecture
  • Certificate of completion on LinkedIn after watching the lecture
  • Discount for consultation from our lecturer for authors of two the best questions

How to join?

You need to register for the open lecture by the link. 

Also, you can follow Lawrina’s LinkedIn page to not miss updates. 

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