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Green Bud Benefits: Amazing Facts and Stats About Cannabis 

— October 10, 2019

Overall, it is easy to grasp the positive aspects that this plant brings to medicine, and thus, our wellness and health.

The use of cannabis and its larger components, cannabinoids, has been continuously condemned and celebrated throughout the last century or so. Most people’s negative outlook on this plant is fueled by false information or lack thereof; luckily, researchers everywhere raised and solved some serious questions regarding this topic, which eventually led to decriminalization or full legalization of medicinal and recreational use of cannabis in various states.

The stigma created by society from the use of cannabis is luckily dissolving at a swift pace, especially because of all the health benefits coming from it. That said, let’s mention some of the most important ones.

Medicinal use of cannabis is legal in 33 out of 50 states.

Proven to help treat different conditions, it has become America’s favorite drug since it lost its illicit status. The FDA is yet to fully put a stamp of approval on CBD oils and tinctures; however, these continue to help millions of people everywhere, especially cancer patients affected by vicious chemo side effects. The cannabis industry is simply booming thanks to the plant’s positive effects.

Its benefits are recognized by 8 out of 10 doctors in the U.S. as of 2014.

Four-fifths of all U.S. medical practitioners recommend its implementation into our daily lives, advocating for its legalization and decriminalization. Considering many proven pros of cannabis consumption, this comes as no surprise.

Consuming cannabis is proven to diverge addictions.

These recent years were marked by major efforts in ending different addictions. Experiments involving cannabis were nothing less than fruitful.

Namely, cannabis tends to reverse changes in our brains caused by heavy opioids, prescription drugs, and alcohol.  Addiction stats say some 26% of all surveyed heroin addicts fully substituted it with cannabis; about 40% chose CBD over alcohol, while up to two-thirds of all prescription drug abusers and addicts switched to this plant’s benefits.

Such a high success rate of helping prescription drug abusers comes from cannabis’ benign nature.

A major portion of modern society chooses to resort to various drugs with strong effects on our mind and body due to depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, etc. What they should be doing is turn to cannabis. About 89.3% of all consumers examined disclosed the symptoms reduced.

Out of all the people in the United States who have a license to take medical-grade cannabis, about 62% use it to deal with chronic pain.

Whether this pain is migraine-induced, caused by different autoimmune diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, for example) or even surgery and chemo, it is undeniable – the combination of THC and CBD makes all of these conditions much easier. Muscle tone, otherwise hurting MS patients severely, shows incredible improvement through the reduction of stiffness and muscle spasms.

Chemo severely damages one’s body; through consuming THC and CBD, patients showed massive pain relief and increase in appetite.

Chemo vomiting is very common with cancer patients. However, those who included major cannabinoids in their treatment showed betterment in this part of chemotherapy, while reducing overall numbness, weakness, and chronic pain. Patients revealed a growing appetite and a much slower weight loss.

Overall, it is easy to grasp the positive aspects that this plant brings to medicine, and thus, our wellness and health. As it helps to battle all sorts of mental states and illnesses, chronic pains and symptoms of various diseases, it shouldn’t surprise us that the cannabis industry keeps growing exponentially.

In case you decide to venture into practicing CBD/THC consumption, stay as well-informed as possible; make sure to consult your doctor and be positive it has been decriminalized in your state or country.

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CBD vs. THC; graphic courtesy of author.
CBD vs. THC; graphic courtesy of author.

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