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Hawaii Immigration Lawyers Help You Get Your Green Card

— June 10, 2022

Another way to obtain legal residence in Hawaii is to seek asylum.

Immigrants account for almost 19% of the total population in Hawaii, which is quite a high percentage when compared to other states. Many of them are still undocumented, while others are looking for ways to bring a loved one into the country. Whatever your situation, the process isn’t going to be easy, but with assistance from experienced Hawaii immigration lawyers you can avoid unnecessary delays and the heartache of seeing your application denied.

All matters regarding immigration are handled through the US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS). One look at their website and it’s enough to give you a headache. There are so many forms and it’s hard to figure out which is the right one for your specific situation. Plus, you need to be very careful when filling in the forms as the USCIS will use even an insignificant error as a reason to deny your application.

Let’s say you’ve been living in Hawaii for a few years now. If you have a relative who is a US citizen or a legal resident, they can sponsor you for a Green Card. You will also have to prove to be of a good moral character. Any criminal charges or convictions on your record might make you ineligible for permanent residence in the US. 

If you have a Green Card or were naturalized, you can go ahead and bring your loved ones to the US. If you have a spouse, a fiancé, children or siblings in your country of origin, you should contact a skilled Honolulu immigration lawyer to guide you through the process. Your relative will have to apply for a Green Card at their local US consular mission and it might take a while till they get it. The process can take up to one year if there’s a backlog of cases. You don’t want to make any mistakes in the paperwork as that would set you back a few months, but a lawyer with many years of experience in the field will know exactly what form you need to fill in and how.

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Another way to obtain legal residence in Hawaii is to seek asylum. Under US law, you can be granted asylum if you risk being persecuted or tortured if you’re sent back to your home country. Your lawyer will review your circumstances and build a solid case to show that you could be persecuted on various grounds, such as race, religion, nationality, political views or sexual orientation. Keep in mind that you can demand asylum only after being in the US for at least one year. 

A seasoned immigration lawyer is your best friend when you’re arrested by ICE and you risk being removed from the US. Typically, your trial will be set within 30-60 days, so you need to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. There are several types of defense strategies you can use at this time. Your lawyer will decide which one would work better in your case. You can apply for a Green Card or your lawyer can ask for a cancellation of removal. Even if you lose, there’s always the possibility of an appeal and your lawyer will do everything in their power to keep you in Hawaii, so you can be with your family. 

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