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What Can Connecticut Immigration Lawyers Do for You?

— June 10, 2022

Many immigrants contact a lawyer only when they find themselves in a desperate situation.

Whether you’ve somehow made it to the US or you’re looking to bring your loved ones into the country, putting your papers in order and applying for a Green Card is a long and complicated process. If you’ve made your way to beautiful Connecticut, do yourself a favor and reach out to seasoned Bridgeport immigration lawyers to expedite matters for you. You don’t want to be an undocumented immigrant forever and miss out on all the benefits you might claim. And you certainly don’t want to risk being arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and put on a plane back to your country of origin. 

There are many types of situations an experienced Connecticut immigration lawyer can help you with. 

If you’ve been living in the US for some time now and you came to call Connecticut your home, you shouldn’t wait until the authorities discover you’re here illegally. If you contact a lawyer they can help you apply for a Legal Permanent Resident card. The famous Green Card. It doesn’t matter how you entered the country, what matters is what you did after that. If you have a family member who is a legal resident or an American citizen, they can file a request for you. 

There’s a standard form you have to fill in and you need to be extra careful with that. Any mistake on the form can set the whole process months back. Or, there have been cases where immigrants were deported after making a stupid mistake on their immigration papers. You know that immigration authorities are bent on removing as many undocumented immigrants from the country as possible. An immigration lawyer with many years of expertise in this field can assist you in filling in the forms correctly and file them for you.

Statue of Liberty; imag eby Simon Fairhurst, via
Statue of Liberty; imag eby Simon Fairhurst, via

The same goes for starting the process of getting your loved ones into the country. In this case, they will have to apply for a visa back in your native country and any mistake can result in seeing their application denied. 

Many immigrants contact a lawyer only when they find themselves in a desperate situation. If the ICE catches up with you, you’ll end up in a detention facility awaiting a deportation hearing. You need to act fast. If you’re lucky, your lawyer might obtain a bond hearing for you. If you’re eligible, that is. Immigrants with a criminal record or those deemed a flight risk typically don’t get a bond hearing. However, if you’ve managed to stay out of trouble and your lawyer can prove in court that you have ties to the community, like a family or a job, the judge might set you free so you can prepare for your deportation hearing on the outside. 

Most people panic when they’re threatened with deportation, but a knowledgeable lawyer will prepare the most suitable defense strategy. They can ask for a cancellation of removal or an adjustment of your legal situation. Or you can seek asylum if you face being persecuted or tortured in your country. 

Even if you lose the trial, you won’t be put on the next plane back to your country. There’s still time for an appeal, so you can stay here in Connecticut and be with your family. 

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