Salads Can Kill You

6/18/2015 All of you burger-lovin’, BBQ-eatin’, heath-food scorning carnivores may just have been vindicated. A new study shows that eating salads can kill you! OK, maybe not totally vindicated. The study states that one of the main reasons people toss food in the garbage is fear of food poisoning. It turns out, that’s a justifiable

Salmonella Leads To Hog Head Cheese Recalled in Louisiana, Texas

Food Safety news reported today that nearly 5,000 pounds of a pork product called “Hog Head Cheese” was recalled in Louisiana and Southeast Texas": A recent outbreak of Salmonella Uganda in Louisiana has prompted a Texas company to recall a ready-to-eat (RTE) pork product. Houston’s Stallings Head Cheese Co. Inc. recalled 4,700 pounds of hog