Woman Drugs Friend With Tainted Cheesecake to Steal Her Identity

Viktoria Nasyrova, a 42-year-old Russian native, allegedly tried to poison a woman who looked like her back in 2016 with tranquilizer-laced cheesecake, so she could steal her identity.  The Brooklyn resident thought the poisoning would resemble a suicide and staged the women’s unconscious body to make her scheme believable. “This is a bizarre and twisted

When Companies Need Us to Stay Ignorant

While it’s understandable that businesses would prefer to keep certain trade secrets and proprietary formulations under wraps, matters of food safety should be considered in a different light. If brands feel like they would lose market share to competitors who hadn’t sold or distributed dangerous products, perhaps that fear should be realized for the good of consumers everywhere. This is the problem of information asymmetry; that is, when buyers and sellers have different levels of information about a product that lead to different decision-making capabilities.

Vulto Creamery Expands National Cheese Recall Due To Listeria Concerns

Another popular cheese company has issued a national recall on many of its cheeses. Vulto Creamery out of Walton, New York, has recently expanded its original recall to include “all lots of four additional cheeses” due to an “ongoing Listeria outbreak that has killed two people” so far. With the additional four kinds of cheese, the Vulto Creamery recall now includes eight different cheeses.

Celebrity Chefs Lack Good Food Safety Practices

For many Americans, watching celebrity chefs cook up a storm on a cooking show has become a favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day. Whether you’re watching to learn how to prepare the perfect cocktail hour spread, or enjoy watching a cooking competition between amateur chefs, there’s a show for everyone.