Treatment Regimen for SGLT2-Related Ketoacidosis

5/19/2015 Yesterday we wrote about the warning issued by the FDA regarding SGLT2 type 2 diabetes medications. Today, I want to share the treatment regimen for SGLT2-related ketoacidosis. Always consult your physician before making changes in any medication protocol. If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms of ketoacidosis, get to the emergency room

TPP Turns Healthcare into Wealthcare

Image courtesy of LifeWorld 5/8/2015 Welcome to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, hailed as the best piece of secret policy making since Moses’ conversation on a mountaintop. This week, I’m focusing on how the TPP turns healthcare into wealthcare. You should be afraid, very afraid. It’s profits before people (again!) with Big Pharma coming out the

Medtronic Plc Agrees to Consent Decree with the FDA

5/1/2015 Pending approval from U.S. district court in Minnesota, Medtronic Plc agrees to consent decree with the FDA regarding its SynchroMed implantable drug pump. The company will correct problems that cause the pumps to deliver either too little or too much medication. The pumps are used for treating cancer and chronic pain patients and those

FDA Issued Stop Distribution Letters to Companies Producing BMPEA-containing Supplements

4/29/2015 Pressure from various officials finally got the FDA to step in regarding beta-methylphenethylamine (BMPEA), a substance used in weight loss, energy boosting and pre-workout supplements. The FDA issued stop distribution letters to companies producing BMPEA-containing supplements. This is a move I can support, unlike many other FDA positions on non-Big Pharma products. Image: Wikipedia,

States Asking Big Pharma About Astronomical Drug Prices

Colorful Pills by Vera Kratochvil Continual increases have states asking big pharma about astronomical drug prices. Many states are even proposing legislation that will force big pharma to share its development costs and profits as justification for ever-increasing prices. Tony DeLuca, a democratic representative in Pennsylvania, introduced legislation this week saying, “We need to have some

Medtronic’s Preemption Win in the 10th Circuit – With An Interesting Twist

The Tenth Circuit issued an opinion on Tuesday, finding that state law claims asserted against Medtronic, manufacturer of the InFuse bone growth stimulator were preempted by FDA approval of the medical device under the Medical Device Act (“MDA”). Plaintiff in the case alleged that Medtronic representatives promoted an off-label, posterior surgical approach for the device,