Smartphone showing various apps; image by Matam Jaswanth, via
Smartphone showing various apps; image by Matam Jaswanth, via

Today, healthcare is the most widely discussed news. Agencies are finding ways to make healthcare affordable, easily accessible and of high-quality, and this has made players in the industry spend sleepless nights finding out what the future has in store.

Well, no one is certain of the future of the healthcare industry, but the advancements in technology are seen to make an impact on the it. For instance, lately, there has been a growth of healthcare apps that have simplified the patient-doctor and doctor-patient relationships.

“With more people owning smartphones and many of them spending media time in apps, it’s no doubt the healthcare industry can utilize this opportunity”, says Nicole Alex, a software developer at EssayOnTime.

Here is a list of healthcare apps.


With Medici, you can chat with your physician conveniently. Medici focuses on making it easy for patients to access healthcare. The company has developed two mobile applications: one for doctors and another one for patients. Instead of visiting your doctor physically, Medici makes it easy for you to connect faster in their network at a more affordable price.

In this case, you can let the doctor know what you are suffering from, send photos of yourself and the doctor will then decide whether you should go physically for further checkup. This mobile application is meant to cut down costs in travel and make it easy and faster to connect with your doctor. Medici is available on Google Play and App Store for iOS devices.

Doctor on Demand

Gone are the days when you could stand in queues waiting for appointments to meet your doctor. Doctor on Demand is an application developed to help you meet your doctor virtually. The good thing about the app is that it is medically certified and is supported by a huge percentage of state-certified doctors. The app will connect you with your doctor so you can describe your illness. If you have a non-emergency medical case such as allergies, cold, flu and others, this app will help you get attended to by your doctor faster.

The app is available on Google Play and App Store.

Insight Optics

This app was created to help people monitor their eyesight. It was created after it was found out that only a small percentage of the U.S. adult population who are suffering from eyesight issues go for a medical checkup. This implies that many of those who lose eyesight every year in the U.S. aren’t getting special medical treatment from an ophthalmologist.

Smartphone displaying apps next to a pair of eyeglasses; image by David Švihovec, via
Smartphone displaying apps next to a pair of eyeglasses; image by David Švihovec, via

The app was developed to make eye examination easier and to provide annual full body tests. The tool brings together Primary Care Physicians with ophthalmologists where the PCP takes a picture of our eye’s retina with a good smartphone camera and sends the picture to an ophthalmologist for examination. This will help you to get more information about the health of your eyes and whether or not to visit an eye specialist.

Available on App Store.

Digital Pharmacist

If you need information about your particular medication, you get it from your pharmacist. And this is what most people do. That’s why Digital Pharmacist was born: to make it easy for you to access the information you need from your pharmacist in a digital way. This app is meant to make communication between you are your pharmacist easy and faster. You communicate your medication needs to your pharmacist, and your pharmacist gives you directions on where to get the information.

Available on Google Play and App Store.

Doctor Mole

Doctor Mole examines moles to ensure they do not have a malignant nature. This app utilizes real-time computer vision technology. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is one of the most diagnosed diseases daily. This app was developed to enlighten people about skin cancer and its danger. It examines the skin to detect any symptom of cancer. It scans the mole for any distortion. The doctor gets the results in real-time via its Augmented Reality Technology and then proceeds with further treatment planning.

Available on Google Play and App Store.


Truth be told: Getting a therapist is almost impossible and most of them are expensive. Talkspace is a healthcare mobile app that gets you connected with a therapist through your mobile phone. The mobile application allows you to send messages to your therapist. You can also get marriage counseling from the app beside online therapy.

You only need to begin by paying a weekly membership fee so that you can be connected with the service. The fee you pay is also cheaper than visiting the therapist physically.

Available on Google Play and App Store.

The Bottom Line

These 6 healthcare apps have revolutionized the healthcare industry. They have become effective channels of communication between medical practitioners and patients.

The common idea behind the development of these apps is to cut down unnecessary costs and time spent physically visiting medical practitioners unless prompted. These mobile apps continue to evolve and adapt to the shifting healthcare space. A study has shown that 66% of Americans use mobile health apps to monitor and manage their wellbeing and the trend is expected to spread globally.

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