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Here’s Why Color Schemes Can Set the Mood of Your Home

— July 28, 2020

When choosing the color palette of your home, it’s imperative to choose the right ones as it’ll set the tone and help in creating the perfect space.

Paint colors can make a space brighter and more appealing. In addition to providing functionality, some shades can also provide value-added benefits. From making a place look more attractive to positively impacting someone’s mood, enhancing comfort and relaxation in the home, and increasing concentration, there are plenty of pluses that can be reaped from the right color palette.

While selecting a color scheme for your home can be a fun process – especially if you’ve already got an idea in mind or if you’re a naturally creative person, it’s not true for everyone. Having an array of options can be overwhelming and stressful for some. To help, here are some tips to help with the process. 

Have a goal in mind

Having a plan is always a good idea. Do you want your place to be bright and airy or have a mysterious and romantic vibe? Brainstorming on a theme can help you with deciding which palette to go for. It can also help you be more organized when you’re heading to the shop as you’ve already got an idea of what palette you’d like.

Seek inspiration

If you don’t know where to start, looking at interior design and lifestyle websites can help you get started. Elle Décor and Houzz are some websites that can inspire you with ideas. Coolors can also help you have a good idea of whether the swatches you’ve selected go well together. 

Pick neutrals first

If you don’t feel like committing, you can always pick neutrals first. These don’t necessarily just mean beige and white. They can also come in beautiful ecru, eggshell, and taupe. Using several shades of a similar color can make a room multi-dimensional but still interesting. 

Incorporate meanings

Various hues play a role in changing one’s mood. Specific shades can both complement the theme of the house and set the tone. For instance, a sky-blue scheme can depict a soothing atmosphere while shades of gray can instigate functionality.

“Good Vibes Only” written in the sand by the sea; image by Ashley Whitlatch, via
“Good Vibes Only” written in the sand by the sea; image by Ashley Whitlatch, via

Here are some commonly associated moods:

· Green – Healing and calming.

· Pink – Romantic, innocent, and love.

· Red – Passionate and energetic.

· Yellow – Confident and boosts concentration.

· Orange – Creative and enthusiastic.

· Blue – Soothing and relaxing.

· White – Light and airy. 

Color schemes should match the architecture

Selecting a good palette is one, but matching it with the make and history of the property is another thing. For instance, light blue and white go well with a Victorian-style, while gray and wooden colors go well with Zen styles. Always take into account the structure of the residence when selecting a color scheme. As a bonus fact, light hues make small spaces appear larger, while black and printed walls can make spaces smaller. 

Don’t forget fixtures

Look for fixtures that will go well with the chosen palette and the architectural make of the property. Curtains and fixtures such as countertops, fitted lighting, and shutters can complement the overall design of interiors. Outdoor patio blinds can also go well with the exteriors of the house.

For a more professional look, it’s best to hire a company that specializes in premium blinds and innovative solutions. It’s also great if they can offer a variety of fixtures that can complement and accentuate your home, and have customization services available to match your chosen style.

Add personality

While it’s easy to get caught up with all the design tips, remember that you should select a design that you’re comfortable with. Only do it for yourself, and not to please guests. Go with a scheme that resonates with your personality and what you hope to achieve. 

Complementing fixtures with paint

Selecting paint colors can be a fun and exciting process as you’re bringing out the personality of your home. The design can also be a mood enhancer for your overall space and evoke a warm and welcoming vibe. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to an inviting space after a long day at work.

Depending on the surface area and structure of the house, hues and fixtures can also complement each other and further bring out the charm of the property. When choosing the color palette of your home, it’s imperative to choose the right ones as it’ll set the tone and help in creating the perfect space.

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