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Hey Bayer! #ImReal! Women Speak Out About Essure

— October 14, 2015

Bayer’s Essure implantable birth control device is responsible for destroying thousands of women’s lives. They have had total hysterectomies in their early 20s, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus and even cancer. All for the sake of Bayer’s almighty bottom line. No more! Hey Bayer! #ImReal and I’m not going away!

I’ve been quiet about this particular topic, due largely to my colleague Jeremy Lesh’s excellent coverage of it. However, after seeing this video, I’m adding my voice to those of the thousands of victims of Bayer’s life destroying product, Essure. I’m not a woman, but “Hey Bayer! #ImReal! Women speak out about Essure and I stand with them!”

Not only is this supposedly perfect product not working, according to the several women who have become pregnant with it Essure implanted, but it’s exacting an unacceptable price from its victims.

Hysterectomy at 22!

Hysterectomy at 23!

Lupus diagnoses!

Fibromyalgia diagnoses!

When will it end, Bayer? Whatever power play you conducted to get this awful product past the FDA (and shame on you, FDA!), it’s time to drop the act and face the music. Sure, your bottom line is going to take a hit, but you know what? The women you’ve victimized have taken an even bigger hit than anything you’ll find on a balance sheet.

As I said earlier, I’m male, so I’m obviously not an Essure victim. However, I’m one of the 4% (and growing yearly) of fibromyalgia patients who are men. Many of the brave women in this video were diagnosed with this life-changing disease. It does not go away. There is no cure. The best they (and I) can hope for is palliative care that enables us to go about our daily lives.

I’m fortunate in that my care team has excelled (and I’ve worked my butt off, too) and I can still function. Many Essure victims cannot. Between fibro and lupus and the many other painful conditions caused by Essure, they are being forced to leave their jobs, live their lives on the sidelines not being able to be “normal” Moms and some are even being left by their husbands who can’t cope anymore.

Hey Bayer! When. Is. Enough. Enough?


Essure Problems #ImReal

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