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How are Workers in Riverside Disciplined for Sexual Harassment?

— April 22, 2022

When a sexual harassment investigation is concluded, the person named in the complaint may be disciplined by the employer in various ways.

Riverside, CA – Most companies will make their best effort to keep their workplaces free from sexual harassment and provide relief for victims. Part of this process includes identifying those who are responsible for illegal forms of harassment and making it clear that their behavior is not tolerated. Various kinds of discipline and punishment may be used as a deterrent to make sure that the perpetrator does not cause additional problems for the company, as they may also be liable for sexual harassment if a lawsuit is filed and sustain losses. 

Sexual harassment lawyers can provide businesses, victims, and others with more information about how these processes work. 

After the complaint

When a complaint of sexual harassment is filed by the victim, the person who is allegedly responsible will not be disciplined right away. Most companies have procedures in place where they try to determine the truth of the allegations while retaining as much confidentiality as possible. This can include talking with other witnesses, reviewing surveillance of the time and place where the incident took place, and reviewing any relevant workplace communications. The company may have various procedures in place to present the findings to a neutral person who makes decisions regarding how the company should handle the situation based on the available evidence. Advice from Riverside sexual harassment lawyers may also be necessary to decide on a course of action. 

Discipline after the investigation

When a sexual harassment investigation is concluded, the person named in the complaint may be disciplined by the employer in various ways. Some of the more common forms of discipline include a formal reprimand that is kept in the person’s company file, suspensions without pay, mandatory sexual harassment training, or even termination in serious cases. It is also possible that the individual can face a sexual harassment lawsuit from the victim, although it is more common for the case to be filed against the employer, as they usually have the resources to pay out damages.  

What if the person is not disciplined?

Image of the EEOC seal
Seal of the EEOC; image courtesy of U.S. Government via Wikimedia Commons,

Unfortunately, not all workplaces take sexual harassment investigations as seriously as they should. Victims have the right to file a formal complaint with the appropriate labor agency, and retain an attorney. The agency may have the authority to investigate the situation on their own, compel the employer to comply, and issue various punishments such as fines against the company. 

Those who are not satisfied with the results of the investigation can get help from California sexual harassment lawyers and determine whether a lawsuit is necessary. 

More information about bringing lawsuits for harassment is a website that provides information about getting in touch with local lawyers throughout the country. Those who need legal advice can choose their location and a practice area to get connected with a firm. 

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