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How Can Arkansas Immigration Lawyers Help You?

— July 1, 2022

If you were detained by the ICE and are facing deportation, you have several ways to prevent that and get your papers in order.

Following the American Dream is a powerful magnet drawing people to the US, but many of those who come here often choose an illegal route or leave behind families with which they long to be reunited. If you’re an illegal immigrant in the state of Arkansas or if you want to bring a loved one here, you need to reach out to skilled immigration lawyers in Little Rock. When you schedule a consultation with an attorney, they will review your file and explain what your options are.

Removal defense strategies

If you were detained by the ICE and are facing deportation, you have several ways to prevent that and get your papers in order. For instance, you can claim asylum if you can prove that you were persecuted in your country based on your race, religion, nationality, political views or membership in a social group. 

Also, your Arkansas immigration lawyers can help you stay in the US by requesting an adjustment of your situation. You can apply for a Green Card if you entered the country legally and you have a close relative who is a legal resident or an American citizen, and they are willing to file a request for you. 

Another option is to ask for a cancellation of removal. You need to prove that you’ve been in the US for over 10 years, you are of a good character and you have close relatives who are legal residents in the country.

Family-based immigration

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer. Image via US-ICE/Flickr. Public domain.

Having close relatives in the US can help you get into the country legally. Family-based immigration refers to the legal way you can bring your foreign-born spouse or fiancee to the US. Depending on your circumstances there are various types of visas you can apply for. The process is quite complex and it might take a while before you can bring your loved one into the country. Any mistake in the paperwork or any missing document can prolong the process so you’d better have a skilled immigration lawyer assist you every step of the way. 

If you are already on US soil, immigration lawyers can help you adjust your situation by applying for a Green Card. A close family member who is a US citizen or legal resident will have to file a request for you.

If you are not in the country, but have relatives who are legal residents or US citizens, your lawyer will guide you through the legal consular process of obtaining a Green Card.

Employment-based immigration

Immigration lawyers can also help you if you want to work legally in the US. You can obtain an EB-2 or EB-3 visa, if you have exceptional abilities or are a highly-skilled professional. International students or foreign exchange students can gain the right to work during their stay. Also, if you have any trouble with your visa or risk being expelled from your school, you need to seek legal counsel right away.

Religious workers of any recognized religious denomination can apply for R-1 visas. If you’re in the US on a tourist visa, an immigration lawyer can help you get an extension under certain conditions.

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