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Protesters Demanded Action Last Year at the Atlanta Immigration Office

— July 1, 2022

Nobody should have to suffer bureaucratic complications in their case just for wanting a better future in another country.

In late September 2021, more than 30 protesters congregated and gathered in front of Atlanta’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Office, which was the result of a national day of action, calling for immigration reform by rights advocates. 

According to protesters, the end of deportations, shutting down all detention centers, and release all people in immigration detention were demanded. Since the start of 2021, the number of detainees increased by more than 50%, totaling several over 23,000 detainees. A lawsuit has stated that four detainees died of COVID-19, at the Stewart Detention Center, making it the highest total of any detention center in the country.

What to do if a family member is in suffering inhuman conditions while detained? 

Unfortunately, many families suffer at detention centers. This should not be a price to pay for wanting a better life and future. By hiring our office to represent your family, we can do the following: 

  • File your case in a timely and urgent manner 
  • Represent you in court 
  • Document and expose inhuman conditions at detention centers. 

Our office can assist you further. Schedule your consultation today! 

Contact an immigration attorney today if you or someone love is facing issues with their immigration status. 

Nobody should have to suffer bureaucratic complications in their case just for wanting a better future in another country. Skilled legal professionals should be the only ones managing your case, as you deserve the best possible outcome when it comes to citizenship, residencies, and legal status.

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Our leading, Atlanta-based firm is ready and able to guide you through the immigration process. You and your family deserve a fair chance at status. Don’t leave your case in incapable hands. You and your loved ones may be entitled to compensation if you contact an immigration attorney.

We understand that facing deportation is not easy to recollect or talk about. We are a compassionate team that understands sensitive documentation. We are ready to fight for you and your family. Immigration law and procedure can be overwhelming and daunting. That is why our office is ready to help you. We are here to answer any of your questions and check your eligibility with other filings and cases.

We are ready to put our best foot forward so that you and your family can receive the rights and compensation you deserve! Nobody hard-working individual should have to face deportation. We are ready and available to serve your needs.


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