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How Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident is Determined in Houston

— May 5, 2022

A majority of accident lawsuits are resolved by the lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant negotiating a reasonable settlement amount.

Houston, TX – Motor vehicle crashes are some of the most common sources of injury and death in Houston and other cities. When a person has consumed drugs or alcohol before driving, it is also more likely that they will cause an accident before reaching their destination. Attorneys near me can help victims of drunk driving accidents, as well as provide a more specific estimate of their compensation after an incident.

Criminal charges do not determine compensation

Those who are caught after causing an accident while intoxicated will be punished by the government. Offenses for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Texas involve things such as fines, driver’s license suspensions, and possibly jail time as part of a sentence. 

It is important for people who were harmed by an intoxicated driver to know that this process is controlled by the government, and these are meant to be punishments. If a victim needs compensation for things like medical treatment and lost income, they need to bring a civil lawsuit with the help of Houston DWI accident lawyers.

The civil lawsuit

Houston accident lawyers help their clients with the process to receive compensation by filing a negligence lawsuit against the driver at fault. This case can be brought successfully even if the driver is never charged with drunk driving offenses or convicted. The case merely has to show that the driver was negligent, or that they committed some kind of careless action that led to the victim’s injuries. This can be shown through evidence of drunk driving, as well as other evidence such as speeding and similar traffic violations.

Settlement negotiations

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A majority of accident lawsuits are resolved by the lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant negotiating a reasonable settlement amount once they both have enough information about the incident and who is at fault. This is the more common option because trials can cost more money in legal fees, take longer, and there is a risk of loss if the jury returns a verdict for the other side. Generally speaking, the lawyer for the victim can show the specific costs of their client’s medical treatment, loss of wages and career damage, pain and suffering, and other losses that are directly related to the collision. The plaintiff and their lawyer should be able to recover most or all of these costs if it is clear that the defendant was at fault.

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