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How Dash Cams Can Help You Win a Truck Accident Claim in Austin

— July 13, 2022

The newest types of dash cams come equipped with both front and rear cameras, so they can offer a clear picture of what happened. 

Austin, TX – Only a couple of weeks ago there was a terrible truck accident on I-35 in Austin, in which several vehicles were involved. 12 people were injured, four of them critically. Fortunately, one of the drivers involved in the crash on I-35 had a dash cam in his car and was able to record the crash. The video captures the moment the truck crashed into slowed traffic and the dash cam owner’s efforts to get out of the way.

Why are dash cams so important?

Multiple vehicle accidents are notoriously hard to handle as more than one driver may be liable for damages. Maybe the guy in front of you made a risky lane change or maybe the trucker behind you was distracted and didn’t hit the brakes on time.

The police officer responding to the emergency may have trouble establishing who’s at fault and so will the insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, if the circumstances of the crash are unclear, the insurance adjuster will use that against you to reduce the value of your claim. Insurance companies don’t actually care who was at fault. All they care about is that they pay as little as possible in damages.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation you’ll need excellent Austin truck accident lawyers and proof to support your version of the facts.

The newest types of dash cams come equipped with both front and rear cameras, so they can offer a clear picture of what happened. 

You can present the video to the insurance adjuster representing the trucker or his employer. With any luck, if the trucker gets near your car the camera will record the interaction and the footage could be used to prove that the guy was very aggressive or seemed intoxicated.

What other types of evidence can you use in a truck accident claim?

You will need the police report so call the police or the Highway Patrol immediately. Make sure the police officer hears your account of the facts. 

Seasoned Austin accident lawyers will examine the report to determine who may be liable for your damages.

Police officer leaning in window of car after accident; image by Matt Chesin, via
Image by Matt Chesin, via

If the accident was caused by a driver’s error you’ll have to file a claim against the trucker’s insurance. However, in many cases, a lawyer will conduct their own investigation looking for evidence of driver fatigue or mechanical problems. These would allow your attorneys to build a case against the trucking company or perhaps those responsible for loading the truck.

You can also use witnesses’ statements so don’t forget to get the names and contact info of all those who were at the scene of the crash. 

For instance, if someone saw the trucker talking on the phone this can be used as evidence of distracted driving, so you can hold the driver accountable.

On the other hand, if a witness saw the trucker hurriedly throwing a beer can out of the window, your attorneys will investigate whether the man had a drinking problem. The trucker may be charged with DWI, but your lawyers will also question his employer’s conduct. 

Trucking companies are required by law to submit their employees to random drugs and alcohol tests and keep those who test positive off the road until they get clean. Any failure to do so constitutes negligence and the employer will be liable for the damages caused by the intoxicated driver. 

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