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How Do Tolerance and Blood Alcohol Content Affect a DUI Case?

— May 8, 2023

There are many different charges and penalties that drivers will have to face when they are arrested for DUI.

There is a significant difference between the alcohol tolerance that a person has and their blood alcohol content (BAC). BAC is the amount of alcohol they have in their system at the time of the arrest. In California, much like other states, drivers are not allowed to operate their vehicle if they have a BAC of 0.08% or higher. The BAC limit is different for minors and commercial drivers, so those that are confused and need help understanding their case should seek legal advice to learn more.

Aside from BAC, the alcohol tolerance of the individual driver is also very important in determining whether they will face a DUI charge or not. The alcohol tolerance for a driver is how the body reacts to alcohol because of its continued use. Tolerance will not affect BAC, but drivers with low tolerance may still be significantly impaired even with a low BAC if they have low tolerance. If a person is highly tolerant then it will take a lot more alcohol consumption to get them to show symptoms of disorientation as compared to someone with low tolerance.

The BAC level of a person is affected by many different factors including

  • The number of drinks consumed
  • The level of fatigue of the driver
  • The size of the body
  • Additional medications
  • The type of beverage consumed
  • Mood and emotional state of the driver

Drivers who have a high BAC should speak with great lawyers to help them with their case. Sacramento DUI lawyers will help the defendant with the legal process and let them know if there are any possibilities available that can reduce their legal consequences. Once a driver connects with California DUI lawyers, they can rest assured they get guidance for their case, and they are being properly supported.

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What Are the Different DUI Charges for Drivers in San Francisco, California? 

There are many different charges and penalties that drivers will have to face when they are arrested for DUI. If they were operating a commercial vehicle, then the consequences would be significantly higher. If they got into an accident and were injured or caused the death of someone else, there will be subsequent charges they have to deal with. If they endangered a child, they would have to face the charges alongside their DUI as well.

If they are arrested for successive DUI, they will face more serious consequences. However, it may be possible to have the penalties reduced through the help of DUI lawyers.  Get in touch with DUI accident lawyers today to improve the chances of walking away with minimum penalties. 

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