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What Are the Consequences of a DUI Hit and Run?

— May 8, 2023

Their exact penalties will vary depending on their personal criminal history and what happened during the DUI arrest.

Driving under the influence (DUI) and committing a hit and run are considered serious crimes in Long Beach, California. Anyone who commits either of these crimes separately is already in a lot of legal trouble. However, if they commit both the crimes at the same time then they will have to face the full brunt of their actions, especially if they do not build a proper defense for themselves.

Anyone who was driving under the influence, and they get into an accident should stop their vehicle right away and call authorities as well as legal counsel to represent them in the matter. However, if they panic and drive away then not only will they be charged with a DUI but they will also be charged with a hit and run as well as any other charges that apply based on the level of damage their DUI accident caused. 

Their exact penalties will vary depending on their personal criminal history and what happened during the DUI arrest. For a simple hit and run, fines can reach up to $10,000 and a person can face up to 4 years in prison as well as having to pay restitution to the victims involved. For a DUI charge alone, fines can reach up to $1000 and they will have their license suspended. For a DUI hit and run together the consequences will be a combination of these two penalties and will vary for each independent scenario. 

Should Defendants Contact a DUI Lawyer in Long Beach California?

Image by Wannapik Studios.
Image by Wannapik Studios.

Instead of trying to handle their case on their own, individuals should get in touch with lawyers without delay so they can get help with their situation. Long Beach DUI lawyers will work hard to build a case so the motorist does not have to face unnecessary penalties. California DUI lawyers have the skills and experience required to minimize the penalties by as much as possible, and with DUI lawyers on a person’s side they can significantly improve their chances of having a favorable outcome, no matter how bleak the situation seems. DUI accident lawyers will fight for the drivers’ rights to be valued and they may even be able to have one’s charges reduced by building a robust defense in favor of the driver.

In many cases, drivers try to deal with officers and the court without the help of legal counsel. This usually always fails because the defendant is so confused, nervous, and unfamiliar with the legal process. They also have a lot on their mind to deal with regarding the aftermath of their DUI and the repercussions on their personal and work life. It is best to hand the stress of the legal process over to the professionals and hope for the best outcome. 

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