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How Do Truck Accident Claims Work in Riverside?

— March 22, 2022

Those who have been injured may require assistance with large medical expenses and other losses caused by the truck driver.

Riverside, CA – Drivers of semi trucks and other kinds of commercial vehicles may cause accidents, and they can be sued for their mistakes just like any other driver. However, the process to bring a lawsuit and receive compensation through a settlement is slightly different than in standard motor vehicle accident cases. People who have been injured by a truck driver and need assistance can get in touch with an experienced truck accident attorney in California to get more information about the specifics of this process.  

Contacting the appropriate parties after the accident

Any driver who has been injured should remain at the scene after the crash. This is required by law, and motorists cannot simply drive away from the accident scene. At this time, the police should be contacted, and they will arrive and start their investigation. Emergency medical help will also arrive if necessary. The driver should also contact their insurance company to bring a claim and report the accident. In some situations, the compensation that is paid out through the insurance process may be sufficient to cover all of the losses, but there is also the possibility that legal assistance will be needed. 

Meeting with a legal professional

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Those who have been injured may require assistance with large medical expenses and other losses caused by the truck driver. Some law firms focus on these kinds of situations, and their services are valuable to anyone who needs a substantial amount of compensation. During the initial meeting, the firm or lawyer should explain their services, give an overview of their background, and answer any questions the client may have. 

Filing the lawsuit

If there is an agreement on representation and the lawyer believes that the claim is worth pursuing, a civil lawsuit will be filed against the trucking company. This document is filed in the local courts and served on the defendant. It outlines the facts surrounding the accident, gives legal arguments as to why the defendant was negligent, and asks for relief in the form of compensation. The defendant trucking company is given an opportunity to answer these allegations, then information is exchanged through the discovery process. 

Later stages of the claim

During discovery, the parties will try to gather enough information to determine exactly what caused the accident and who is at fault. When the truck driver’s level of fault starts to become clear based on this information, the lawyers for each side can enter settlement negotiations to decide how much should be paid to the victim. 

Additional help after a truck crash is a site that connects people with legal professionals throughout the country. Anyone who needs to meet with a truck accident lawyer in Riverside can use the directory to find an attorney who matches their needs. 

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