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What Should a Person Do After a Truck Accident in Columbus?

— March 22, 2022

If the people involved in the crash are able to do so, they should try to gather evidence.

Columbus, OH – An accident involving a semi truck can be a stressful experience. Anyone involved will likely have to deal with significant damage to their vehicle, along with the possibility of serious injuries. However, in order to get help and start the process to receive compensation, there are a few things that can be done immediately afterward. Following these steps will make things easier at a later time if a lawsuit is necessary or during the insurance claim process. Anyone who needs more information about truck crashes in Ohio and related lawsuits should get advice from an attorney. 

Staying at the accident scene

Right after the crash, each driver involved should stay at the scene, try to make contact with the others, and notify the police. Leaving the scene of any motor vehicle accident is illegal, and it can result in various consequences, including fines and an arrest. The truck driver also has special procedures that they need to follow to try to secure the area and report the collision. If there are any injuries, the person reporting the accident should ask for medical assistance as well.  

Trying to collect evidence

If the people involved in the crash are able to do so, they should try to gather evidence. This may include taking various pictures of the accident scene and speaking with witnesses who are nearby. Both the other drivers involved and the witnesses can be asked for their contact information if they need to be utilized during the insurance claim process or called to testify or deposed during a lawsuit.

Notifying the insurance company

All insurance companies have a process to report an accident. This is required under the terms of every auto insurance policy. The trucking company will also have special insurance that is meant to cover their liability for a significant amount of damage if necessary. A person who waits too long to report an accident may have their coverage dropped or experience other problems. 

The process to get legal advice

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

Firms that focus on truck crash cases will have attorneys available to discuss the specifics of the accident and the potential client’s losses. The attorney should be able to answer all of the person’s questions, as well as give an answer whether it is worth pursuing formal legal action related to the collision or not. As a general rule, people who experience serious injuries and losses are more likely to need to file a lawsuit and try to negotiate a settlement.

Help from a local truck accident lawyer is a site that assists people with the process of finding a lawyer in Columbus and other cities around the country. Those who need to speak with a legal professional can select a practice area and their location to get started.

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