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How Do You File a Personal Injury Claim?

— April 25, 2024

Always be honest about the injuries and negligence you went through and what impact the situation had on your life.

There are various personal injury claims, including car accidents, slip-and-fall cases, product liability lawsuits, workplace casualties, and medical malpractice claims. The claim needs to be filed based on your case. 

A personal injury claim is a legal action filed by a person who has been incapacitated due to another person’s carelessness. The outcome is compensation for the damages caused by the injured person. However, without proper evidence collection and the services of a professional lawyer, it can become difficult.

So, let’s learn about the steps you must go through to file a personal injury case in Brampton.

Step 1: Gather evidence

Every case filed needs proper and accurate evidence. You must compile all the evidence to support your claim and prove the case is valid. This evidence can be a copy of a police report, medical records, or witness statement. 

Step 2: Connect with an experienced personal lawyer

Personal injury lawyers in Brampton can help to access the case and inspect whether the claim is valid. They will help you file the claim in court or with the insurance company.

Step 3: Negotiation

When the claim is filed, the defendant can offer a settlement request, giving you the power to negotiate and settle the case before a lawyer. However, if the settlement is unsatisfactory, you can leave the decision to the judge, who will give the final verdict on the compensation you are entitled to.

What are the limits of personal injury claims?

Depending on the province or territory, there are certain limitations that you might have to face after filing the claim. Usually, the claim must be filed within two years after the date of injury or negligence. Still, there are exception rules for a minor or if the claimer was mentally incapacitated when the incident took place.

What happens after filing a personal injury claim?

After the personal injury claim has been filed, the defendant will thoroughly investigate the claim and might even request that you send additional information about the injury or accident. There might be chances of settling the claim offered by the defendant, but if you are not satisfied, allow the court to negotiate on your behalf and determine the amount of compensation you must get.

Tips to be followed while filing a personal injury claim in Brampton

Here are the tips that are recommended for hassle-free claim filing:

•You must compile enough evidence to support your claim and do it as soon as possible to strengthen the case.

•Contact a personal injury lawyer who can assist you to navigate into the system and act according to your rights.

•Always be honest about the injuries and negligence you went through and what impact the situation had on your life.


Compensation for a personal injury claim can take the form of medical expenses, wages, or other means. However, to win the case, you must bet on trusted personal injury lawyers Brampton. 

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