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How Does Joint Custody Work in Fairfax, VA?

— November 24, 2021

Any parent who is going to a custody trial will have to reach out to a child custody expert first.

When any divorce case takes place then the matter of child custody will have to be examined and taken into proper consideration. The courts will decide which parent receives joint custody and what parent receives physical custody of the children. Physical custody determines where the children will live, and legal custody will determine what parent is responsible for making the daily vital decisions for the children such as religious activities and selecting their education and other matters.

The type of custody granted will be based on the age of the children, the physical and mental condition of each parent and child, and the existing strength of the relationship between the children and the parents. Older children are generally heard and taken more seriously because they are at an age where they can better understand and voice their personal decisions without the influence of either parent.

However, there is the option that the judge will grant joint custody, and this is often the case, especially when there is no fear of any harm or damage occurring to the kids by either parent. Once joint custody is decided, both parents will have to cooperate and coparent fairly. They will be expected to behave in a manner that reflects the best interest of their children. If communication is difficult, the court may recommend some legal communication apps that are built to help the coparenting process.

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When parents are granted joint legal and physical custody then they both have responsibility and authority for care of the children, and they must have proper custodial care of the child as well. Both parents should agree to a fair and acceptable parenting plan that takes the schedules of both parties into consideration. If one parent decides that the other parent is being abusive or it is not in the best interest of the children to meet the other parent anymore, they will have to bring up the matters in court so the judge can make a new decision.

What should parents do before a custody trial in Fairfax, VA?

Any parent who is going to a custody trial will have to reach out to a child custody expert first. Since the trial is the real deal and so much is riding on how well it goes, a person should make sure they speak with an attorney and build their case and legal evidence off of everything their lawyer tells them. The last thing anyone should do is walk into a courtroom on their own, trying to represent themselves and try to prove their case without a lawyer on their side.

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