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How Does Wage Theft Affect Workers in Mission Bend?

— September 15, 2022

Some wage theft issues may also occur due to poor recordkeeping or other administrative issues.

Mission Bend, TX – While there are various types of wage theft, this term is applied any time a worker does not receive all of the pay that they are owed by law. Common ways that this happens are by illegal deductions, asking for extra work without compensation, or an employer taking a worker’s tips. Over time, these types of actions can cost workers very large sums of money and greatly affect their take home pay. It is estimated that American workers collectively lose millions of dollars each year due to improper pay practices. 

There are various remedies available to workers who have become victims of wage theft, and they are entitled to their full pay. An attorney who deals with wage theft issues can provide legal advice about receiving proper payment.

Types of wage theft and wage violations

There are a number of ways that employers may potentially break the law when it comes to paying their workers properly. Overtime laws are meant to ensure that workers who have recorded more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period receive one and one half times their regular pay rate. Minimum wage laws are supposed to give workers an hourly pay amount set by the government that employers may not go below. Employees are also entitled to various forms of break time depending on their industry and the hours they work. It is also possible that a worker may simply be missing hours from their paycheck, and they need to take action to receive all of their outstanding pay. Whether these are honest errors or the employer is intentionally trying to save money, the employer must pay the worker all of their wages or they can face consequences.

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Administration of hours and pay

Some wage theft issues may also occur due to poor recordkeeping or other administrative issues. The employer must keep complete and accurate documentation of each worker and their pay statements. Records of a worker’s hours and wages are required by law. It is possible that clerical or computer errors in these administrative processes can cause improper pay issues. In these cases, the employer should be able to quickly identify the issue and correct it. Even in situations where there is an honest mistake, the employer still has an affirmative duty to find the correct hours that the person has worked and provide their full outstanding pay, including any overtime. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

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