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When Can You Sue for Police Brutality in Indiana?

— September 15, 2022

There are laws in place which prevent any government worker from using their authority to illegally cause harm to citizens and deprive them of their rights.

Indianapolis, IN – While police officers generally protect and serve the public without any violations of their department’s policies and other applicable laws, police brutality does happen at times. This is true in Indianapolis and other major cities around the country. If someone is physically harmed or has their rights affected in other ways, they are eligible to bring a lawsuit against the department of municipality that employs the officer responsible. There are lawyers who dedicate their practice to helping people who were harmed by police violence or were mistreated in other ways. These attorneys can provide specific advice to victims of misconduct regarding how to proceed.  

Excessive use of force

Police brutality image via Pixabay. Public domain.

Most police brutality cases are related to the concept of excessive use of force. This means that while police officers are generally allowed to detain someone during an arrest or investigation, they can only use the amount of force that is absolutely necessary to do so. Things like using violence or weapons against a suspect who is already detained, unarmed, or poses no threat of violence would generally be considered an excessive use of force. Even when a suspect is in the process of committing a crime or being violent, police are trained and instructed to only use force to prevent further crimes and damage to people and property nearby. Unfortunately, when someone is hurt after an officer uses excessive force, they may require medical treatment, miss time from work, and sustain other losses.   

Other forms of police misconduct

It is also possible for someone who has been harmed by the police in other ways to bring a civil lawsuit, even if the incident did not involve unnecessary violence. Things like false detentions, planted evidence, wrongful arrests, and other violations of a person’s civil rights can result in legal action. There are laws in place which prevent any government worker from using their authority to illegally cause harm to citizens and deprive them of their rights. These laws give the public the legal grounds to take action against various kinds of illegitimate actions by government agents, including the police.  

Compensation for police brutality

The amount of compensation a person will receive through a police brutality lawsuit can vary. This depends on things like the severity of the person’s injuries, as well as how far the police deviated from their expected modes of conduct. Lawyers can provide more specific numbers after reviewing the facts of any case. 

More information about police brutality lawsuits is a site that lists lawyers who work on police brutality cases, as well as those who focus on other areas of the law. Anyone who needs to speak with an attorney in Indiana or other states can choose their location and a practice area. 

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