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How is a Non-US Citizen Able to Work Legally in North Dakota?

— May 24, 2022

Fargo, ND – People who want to travel to the U.S. from other countries for the purposes of working and earning income need some kind of authorization from the government. This authorization generally comes from applying and receiving a specific kind of visa that matches the person’s situation. Immigration lawyers in North Dakota and other states routinely assist their clients with the process to get visas and other documents such as green cards, as well as U.S. citizenship once the person is eligible. 

What are visas?

A visa is a document issued by the federal government that allows a person to come to the U.S. and gives certain other privileges related to working, education, or travel. People who come from other countries to work will need some kind of visa to do so legally. Visas can be divided into a number of different categories based on how long the applicant will stay and other matters such as the specific type of work that they do. What the applicant specifically needs to do to get a certain kind of visa can vary as well, which is why legal advice is important to ensure the person applies for and receives the right kind of authorization. 

Who can get a visa?

All visa applicants go through a process of submitting certain forms of information that are reviewed by the government. There is a standard application form called a DS-160 that must be completed by all applicants. The form must also include pictures and an application fee. As part of checking the applicant’s background, the government may also review their social media accounts and use, in order to avoid potential security threats. They may also review the person’s prior visas that were issued if applicable. Certain other documents related to sponsorship from a U.S. citizen or the employment offer may be required as well.

Decisions about whether a visa is issued or not are made by the U.S. government on a case by case basis according to the information that is available. 

Consequences for working without a visa

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Those who attempt to work without a visa and remain in the country illegally can be punished in various ways. Some of the more serious consequences for violations of immigration laws can include deportation or criminal charges. Anyone who is facing a deportation or removal hearing should get legal advice from an immigration lawyer immediately to avoid losing their authorization to remain in the U.S. 

More information about the immigration process in North Dakota is a site that helps people find the right lawyer. The site lists immigration attorneys in Fargo and other cities around the country.

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